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Getting to know your local Real Estate Agent
Mike Folgheraiter

by: Jerry Person


Real Estate Agent Mike Folgheraiter in his office


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue to get to know the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

This week we are privileged to get to know Realtor Mike Folgheraiter who works out of the Huntington Beach Realty inc. office on Main Street selling coastal properties.

Mike was born in San Jose in Northern California, which makes him a native Californian who has seen how his state has grown.

A short time after his birth his parents moved to Inglewood where for 27 years Mike worked in the construction business on such projects as the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

Mike got into real estate in 1992 and became a license agent a year later. During the ups and downs of the housing market in the 1990s Mike was able to still maintain a large production rate every year.

Mike moved to Orange County and for the past 20 years has lived in Huntington Beach and has watched Huntington Beach homes rise in value.

Mike Folgheraiter at his desk and computer


Mike continues to maintain a multi-million production rate while still giving each buyer or seller 110% of his time and effort.

"My goal is not only to make the best real estate transaction you will ever have, but also to gain you as a life-long client," said Mike.

Mike is a great father to his son Kevin who lives in California and his daughter Kayley who now resides in Montana and especially to his five grandchildren.

Working in the office alongside one of Surf City's pioneer surfer and shaper, it is no wonder Mike likes to surf our Southern California coastal waves when he finds time.

Mike's Business Ph. 714-357-6136


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