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Getting to know your local Real Estate Agent
Sharon Hall

by: Jerry Person


Real Estate Agent Sharon Hall


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue to get to know the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

This week we are privileged to get to know Realtor Sharon Hall who works out of the Coldwell Banker office of Campbell Realtors on Pacific Coast Highway.

Sharon Hall was born in West Los Angeles which also makes her a native Californian and is someone who knows the Southern California real estate market very well.

Hall got married in Santa Monica and is the mother of a grown daughter, Brandi, who today teaches school at Marine View in Huntington Beach and a grandson Blake who is 13.

Hall got into being a real estate agent by accident when she saw her sister-in-law who was in the business and how rewarding it was to both her sister-in-law and her clients.

It wasn't long after that that Hall received her real estate license.

She can still remember the smiles on the faces on her first home sale to a couple who were first-time buyers.

It may not seem like 40 years has passed since she moved to Huntington Beach, but as the old saying goes, "time flies when your having fun," and that is just what she feels of being in real estate business and meeting wonderful people here in Surf City USA.

Hall worked for 37 years at Century 21 Beachside Realty before joining the Campbell team and  Sharon is an award winning agent.

When she can find time, Hall likes to travel and sometimes might even stop off at a local casino to try her luck.

When asked about retiring from real estate, Hall replied, "never."

Sharon's Business Ph 714-319-5396


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