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Getting to know your local Real Estate Agent/Broker Associate April and Quinten Sharp

by: Jerry Person


Real Estate Agents April and Quinten Sharp


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue our search to know about the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

It was like an old Hollywood plot from the Golden Age of the movies. A Texan heads West and finds his dream girl living just a few feet from where he lives. Later the two would becomes tops the real estate business.

The Texan, Quinten Sharp, was born and bred in Houston and as a youngster dreamed he would become a doctor. But like some dreams part of it did came true.

One of Quinten's first jobs was selling medical supplies. He would later became a bartender at Don Jose's in Texas.

Quinten attended Baylor University in Texas and received his BBA degree in Marketing Management.

"I always liked the idea of real estate, even when I was young," said Quinten.

When Quinten was in his 20s he began picking up foreclosures and one time helped a woman to be able to keep her home from being foreclosed.

Meanwhile his future wife April was born in Newport Beach, California and never figured that one day she would meet and marry a Texan.

April's family moved to Huntington Beach where she attended Lamb Elementary School, Talbert Middle School, Edison High School before attending California Lutheran University.

She too had a dream, that of becoming a veterinarian and helping sick and injured animals when she was young.

When April was 10-years-old she was introduced into real estate when her first job was handing out real estate fliers throughout her neighborhood. This early venture into the business found her getting into marketing, graphic designing and a taste for history too.

It was while she was in property management that she found her calling in real estate.

In 1986 Quinten left Texas for California.

Along the way both Quinten and April each moved to Pacific Ranch in Huntington Beach, living two doors from each other and like a Hollywood story, fell in love and got married.

Each received their Real Estate license with Quinten starting in 1986 for Coldwell Banker where he stayed for only six months before joining Star Real Estate for five years.

"I felt excited and also glad to have helped the party realize their dream house on my first sale," said Quinten.

"It was awesome when I sold my first house in Laguna Niguel," said April.

Today Quinten is a Real Estate Broker & Property Manager and April is a Realtor, Graphic Designer and Office Manager of the couple's Real Estate business, Sharp Homes by the Sea 18090 Beach Boulevard #11 in Huntington Beach.

Today the couple have two sons; Stone, who is a Sophomore at California Lutheran University and Reed, who is a Junior at Huntington Beach High.

Would you want the kids to follow into real estate, "Only if they enjoyed it," said Quinten.

The family also includes Maisy, a miniature Bull Terrier, whose picture appears dressed up in different outfits on post cards sent out to clients.

When they both can find a few moments both Quinten and April put family first, Quinten likes the beach, surfing, golfing and football while April enjoys graphic designing, scenic designing for theater plays at the Academy for the Performing Arts and painting.

But not like an old Hollywood western, this couple are not ready to ride off into the sunset.


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