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Getting to know Real Estate Broker Tad Baltzer

by: Jerry Person


Realtor/Broker Tad Baltzer


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue to get to know the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

This week we are privileged to get to know Realtor Tad Baltzer while he was helping people in our community.

Baltzer may not have been a native Californian, but he has embraced the California beach culture of surfing, cycling, hiking and even playing golf.

It was in the city of Provo, Utah that our future Realtor was born and spent his formative years, little knowing that he would find his vocation in the real eatate business in later years.

"I loved athletics and thought someday I would become a professional Physical Therapist," Baltzer said.

But maybe providence had something else in mind when Baltzer's first employment featured land in his job although very little land at that, when he went to work at a nursery in Utah.

"I first started working at a greenhouse for $3.25 an hour," said Baltzer.

For awhile he and a roommate lived in San Jose for collage and it was there that he would meet his future wife Amber.

After collage the two moved to Hawaii and it was there that he would enter the real estate business and was thrilled when he sold his first house in Hawaii.

Moving to Orange County to complete his education at Cal-State Fullerton where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.

For the past 23 years Baltzer, his wife Amber and their four children, daughter Kylie, sons Saxon, Micah, and Dane have lived in Huntington Beach with their four-pawed friend Bells.

Between surfing, founding Triibe Real Estate and his other activities, he and his family also attends the Church of Jusus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Beltzer has amassed record sales in Orange County and hoped that his children would follow into the real estate business.

Tad Baltzer can be reached by phone at (949) 554-4140 or .


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