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Getting to know your local Real Estate Agent
George Lambert

by: Jerry Person


George Lambert


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue to get to know the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

This week we are privileged to get to know Realtor George Lambert who works out of the Huntington Beach Realty Inc. office at 322 Main Street selling properties.

Lambert is not just a Realtor, but also a surfer and a family man and yet this week's Realtor wasn't born in the sight of the perfect waves.

Lambert was born in Norwalk, that was once covered in orange trees, but it didn't take the beautiful blue pacific, the smell of the salt air and the best waves crashing on our shores to bring his parents and the young Lambert down to Huntington Beach to live.

He attended both Newland Elementary School and Huntington Beach High.

After graduation, Lambert decided to work in the surfing industry, but his first job was working with his grandparents at the Orange Swap Meet.

"Believe it or not I met my future wife at Out of Bounds bar on Brookhurst. She was with friends of ours," said Lambert.

From that first meeting, dating and marriage came two wonderful children, a daughter Mia and a son Max. The family still resides in surf city to be close to the waves and if the urge comes to grab his board and ride a few, the office is only a few blocks away.

While working at Huntington Surf & Sport, popular HB business owner, surfer, board maker and real estate broker Bob Bolen talked Lambert into coming in to his real estate office and learn to become an agent/Realtor.

Lambert did just that especially now with a wife and two children to support, he could use the extra money and started in 2004 on his road to real estate greatness.

"I was ecstatic when I sold my first property and got my first pay check," Lambert said.

Since then he has been awarded six times best in most sales.

His hobby could only be surfing and has become treasurer of the Board Riders Club.

He also loves Tuesday, not the day of the week, but the family's feline companion.

His daughter Mia is a nurse, but she may enter the real estate market as the future real estate market is still in an upward trend, but even if the prices of property do stabilize its still a good business to be in, Lambert said.

George Lambert can be reached at 322 Main Street, Phone# 714.658.3041 or .

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