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Getting to know your local Realtor Craig Poturalski

by: Jerry Person


Craig Poturalski


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This week we'll continue to get to know the people whose signs you may have seen on your neighborhood street corners that advertises an open house for sale or even who may have sold you your dream home in Huntington Beach.

This week we'll look at Realtor Craig Poturalski who wasn't born in the Golden State of California, but in our neighboring state of Mesa, Arizona.

Coming from a family of three other brothers, Poturalski would attend Westwood High School before entering Mesa Community College where he at first wanted to become an architect. Little did he know but his future would develop into a professional Real Estate Realtor.

But before that to happen, Poturalski would get his first job making Hero sandwiches at a local sandwich shop.

One of his brothers moved to Mexico to sell real estate and talked Poturalski into moving there. One of the first things Poturalski would do when he lived in Mexico was to learn their language and their culture. This would aid him in meeting people there and they could trust what he was selling them.

"I made my first sale in Mexico and it was awesome to see the people so happy," said Poturalski.

Craig Poturalski


Moving back to Southern California, Poturalski would meet his future wife on the beach in Newport Beach.

Today he, his wife and son reside in Huntington Beach, also known as Surf City USA.

When not showing property to buyers you could watch him surf the waves with his board or singing in a group called Mr. Mirainga.

He is also very proud of his 16 year old son Luke who not only likes to surf like his dad, but just recently became a city lifeguard.

"I would not mind if my son gets into the real estate business if he wants to become a agent," Poturalski said.


Poturalski has been a top producer every year since he became an agent.

The family are members of Grace Lutheran Church in Huntington Beach,

There are two other members of the family, a dog named Zeus and a cat named Fig.

Today I owe everything I know about the real estate market from my wonderful partner Marcia Kaufman and with a partner like Marcia they have become a most unbeatable team.

You can reach Craig Poturalski at 714-317-6752 or or visit their website

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