Routine or Rut

 There is a lot of comfort in a routine. Taking a nap on the same couch with the same blanket at the same time on Saturday afternoons is a comfortable routine. There is a lot of fun to be gotten from a routine. Trekking to your family cabin nestled in the pine trees along the shores of Lake Tahoe every summer for the 4th of July is an awesome fun routine. There are rewards derived from following a routine. Making that teeth cleaning appointment every year with your dentist is a routine rewarded with life long pearly whites. But! Yeah a routine “but.” But this morning I was doing a routine that I only do because I’ve been doing it for a long time. I am now rethinking this one. Not only that, I think there are two definite sides to this one. It’s making your bed when you get up every day. I’m thinking it’s a rut. 

    Two camps will chime in on making your bed as soon as you get up. Campers who have camped in a cramped camp will make their bed because if you don’t someone with muddy shoes and dogs wet with creek or lake water will get to the inner parts of your bed or sleeping bag making it really muddy and soggy come bedtime. These people will always make their bed as soon as their feet hit the floor in the mornings. 

    While those who might be labeled more relaxed and somewhat kicked back, ok labeled slobs, might not see making the bed as a necessity. I mean come on it’s just going to be used again in a few hours so why do the job. These are people who might find themselves looking for just one more cup in the cupboard before they consider washing a sink full of dirty dishes. They may even just grab one that hasn’t gotten anything too fuzzy growing on the outside of it, give it a quick rinse and fill it with their morning Joe before heading out the door.

    Granted these two examples are very extreme, but you get the idea right? I am neither actually. Sometimes I make it to the making stage and sometimes I just get going and silly as this sounds... When I go to bed and I haven’t made my bed that morning, I make it before I go to bed. I can’t be the only one who does this ritual. There is just something in me that needs to have the sheets smooth and orderly before I hit the hay.

    There are also some cerebral types who might give this as a reason to not make there bed. It, the bed, needs to cool off for a while after being slept in. Think about this one. There might be a slight bit of reasoning here. The bed is warm when we get up. I know if I open the windows in the daytime and let fresh air in I sleep better at night so maybe I should let some fresh air hit the sheets. Why not let the sheets cool off and let the air circulate upon your slumber nest? It’s going to cool off covered or uncovered, but uncovered will also let some new air under there. And unless you pre-warm your bed with comfy electric blankets the bed is usually a bit cool when you lay your body down and expect your body heat to heat up under the covers for a good night of z’s anyway. This one needs some discussion at least. Maybe just make one day a week the day to let ’er cool off. 

    Either way you do it, do you consider it a routine or a rut? I like to think my life is rut less. I find true comfort in not being stuck in a rut. Therefore there must be a distinct distinction between a routine and a rut.
Something along these lines. A routine is something that should be considered to make a well balanced life. Something that is done to enhance your existence. A rut? AARRGGHH A rut is where you might find yourself stuck day after day after cold cereal and no eggs for breakfast days with out end. 

    So to that end I did something this morning. First I left my bed unmade. Then I went into wash my face and brush my pearly whites and while I was there I made a stand. I brushed first then washed my face. Then? Yes then I made my bed and had a bowl of cold cereal. Hey, it’s a deep rut, getting out will be a process. That in itself is a routine don’t you think?

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