Remembering When

by Jerry Person
Huntington Beach City Historian

Dedicated to the people of Huntington Beach about its rich past

Teachers on Vacation


This year has gone by so fast and here it's summer already, a special time for kids, at least for my generation of long ago.

A time we would look forward to having three whole months of vacation from school.

Many of my friends at the time were busy planning what they would be doing when school was out. Some were going away to national monuments, some were going to see relatives out of the state and some were staying at home.

But most of us never gave a thought of what our teachers in school would be doing for summer and I'll bet students today have never given a thought to what their teachers would be doing this summer.

I'll bet if you could be able to look into your teacher's desk drawer you might find travel flyers where some of them would be dreaming of traveling to this summer.

So this week lets turn back the clock of time and see what several of the teachers at Huntington Beach High School would be doing on their time away from their classrooms.

It's 1951 and World War II was over and the Korean conflict was still in the future. People had time to enjoy life again, gas and lodgings were cheap and the open road beckoned.

Our first teacher Orion Bebermeyer, would be attending a conference for economic education at Pomona College before heading back to Kansas to visit his relatives.

For John Bestall this summer he hopes to motor up to Soquel, near Santa Cruz, to teach youngsters at Camp Kennolyn to ride horses.

Our next teacher, Bernice Boner, will be caring for her grapevines in Indio before taking time out to relax near Mt. San Jacinto and also relaxing by the sea at Alamitos Bay.

Robert Borns

Robert Borns doesn’t plan to leave Huntington Beach this year; he will become one of the city’s lifeguards and protect our summer visitors.


Dale Braybrook


I wonder if Dale Braybrook spent class time dreaming about his upcoming visit with his daughter Lois in Oregon and seeing all the family.

Its travels through Europe time for Geraldine Douglas as she makes plans to visit many of the leading museums and to see first hand the works of the old masters.

Scott Flanagan

Scott Flanagan’s vacation will include a trip to Yellowstone, to see Old Faithful in action and then head up to Jasper National Park in Canada.


William Fraser

From Huntington Beach to the State of Washington will go William Fraser and his family for a visit with relatives this summer.

The Tuolumne Meadows should be beautiful at this time and Esther Funk will be hiking and camping in this high Sierra region.

Ruth Harlow

Do you think during Ruth Harlow’s vacation to Alaska, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park that she’ll spot fellow teacher Scott Flanagan there?

Mina Harper and Dorothy Rosier are making plans this summer to operate a concession in our Municipal Trailer Park.

Lloyd Hamren plans on visiting his grandchildren in Richmond, California and if he has time before summer runs out, hopes to spend the remaining days of vacation playing golf at our municipal golf course.

Cora Henderson just wants to work on her next semester’s school activities.

Wilma Hughell is hoping her plans for summer will include visiting friends in Idaho.

Evelyn LaLanne

Canada beckons Evelyn LaLanne and her husband for a vacation in British Columbia’s Vancouver, Victoria and the Canadian Rockies and if lucky, a few days at a dude ranch in Montana.

This year Jerry Lance and his wife Vivian will not be vacationing, instead he will be working to complete his master’s degree at Claremont Graduate School.

Evelyn Mahoney also is making plans to visit Europe and will be on the same European tour that Geraldine Douglas is taking and to see all that Europe has to offer.

Being a good son, Charles Mashburn is making plans to visit his mother in Colorado and to check out the local sights in this mountain state.

Clarence Mason

For his summer’s vacation, Clarence Mason will be traveling the byways with his family as they take to the road in their trailer and hope to camp out along the coasts of Oregon and Washington.

For part of Helen Moore’s vacation, she will spend time with fellow teachers, Florence Boosey and Esther Funk up in the high Sierras.

Lee Mossteller

After spending all his money for a new Chrysler car, Lee Mossteller will be staying close to home this summer, and being the president of the Huntington Beach Lions Club, he would be needed to keep his membership out of trouble and not have them have too much summer fun.


Al Reboin

Al Reboin’s idea of a fun vacation would be to stay around the house to paint and lay brickwork, something that doesn’t sound like a fun vacation to me.

Halsey Schumaker figured he doesn’t need to go away on a vacation since he lives at the ocean in Sunset Beach. What more could a fellow ask!

Harry “Cap” Sheue

Harry “Cap” Sheue is planning to use his vacation time to work in his flower garden at home on Florida Street.

Ray Elliott

The high Sierras calls to school Superintendent Ray Elliott, that is if he can get away from all those board meetings, and we all know how wonderful and fun board meetings can be, would be traveling with wife Margaret on a wonderful road trip up in the mountains.

Nadine Finch will be planning to vacation in Tahoe and maybe even find time to see the wonders of Yellowstone and the geysers that the park is so famous for.

I hope someone at HBHS had the foresight to document what today's teachers were planning to do on their vacation, do that today's generation would know sixty-eight years from now what fun and enjoyment the teachers of 2019 had away from their classrooms.