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Lose Live

by Ron Irwin



Everyone who has ever smoked knows two things.  One is that smoking eventually will kill you and the other is quitting smoking is extremely difficult. But when you are at the top of your profession you do not want to die you want to rid yourself of the ugly habit.  So Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron all met the smoking challenge with hypnotherapy.

But hypnotherapy is certainly not limited to quitting smoking.  Kevin Costner used hypnotherapy to conquer seasickness and Reese Witherspoon used hypnotherapy to overcome devastating insecurities. 

While hypnotherapy is certainly not limited to the rich and famous the rich and famous have often turned to hypnotherapy to overcome significant life challenges and so can anyone.  But it is often within the acting community that hypnotherapy can have the most profound results because it is one profession that by design places people very much in the public eye and it is the one profession where people must essentially engage in a job interview frequently – they call that auditioning and the stress can be overwhelming. 

From this knowledge and back ground Certified Hypnotherapist Norman Plotkin, CHt has become one of the leaders in practical applications of hypnotherapy for performing artists as well as his general practice. 

“It is true for all of humanity that our unseen subconscious if vastly more powerful than our conscious mind.  That fact has profound impact for everyone but is particularly significant for those in the performing arts.” said Norman Plotkin, CHt.
For Reese Witherspoon for example it was the existence of subconscious anxieties about her size and weight that was bringing unexplained but damaging stress to her conscious self.  Through hypnotherapy Reese vanquished that anxiety. 

Similar subconscious anxieties can and often do have a severe negative impact on many of the young and upcoming actors.   An actor prepares his lines and works hard.  He or she works with a good acting coach to deliver the best performance possible only to go to the audition and blow it.  Why?  Almost always the answer can be found within their subconscious and with professional hypnotherapy can be resolved allowing that actor to finally fully succeed.  And unlike drugs hypnotherapy has no bad side effects and you cannot overdose.  So whatever you consider your most pressing needs to resolve, be it weight loss, building self-confidence, stopping bad habits you should seriously consider hypnotherapy as a valuable tool to get you where you want to be.  

NOTE:  Assistance in preparing this article came from Norman Plotkin, CHt.  He is a certified hypnotherapist, a former U.S. Marine and rides motorcycles so he is a good guy and he can be reached at 818-276-6128.

For those who need a little extra guidance there are many weight loss services available at a cost of hundreds even thousands of dollars.  Then again for just $12.98 you can get the book “Lose Live” and accomplish the same thing but keeping more of your money.