Taylor Says

by Taylor Kovar

Part-time jobs to consider during COVID

Hi Taylor -

I used to manage a restaurant and I'm tired of waiting for life to go back to normal. Any leads on part-time work I could pick up instead of just treading water? - Elsie

Hey Elsie -

I can't say enough about the workers who have had to weather this pandemic. I'm so sorry hard times have fallen on you through no fault of your own and hope things get back to normal for you as fast as possible. 

In the meantime, fortune favors the bold, so you shouldn't hesitate to start looking into any of the following industries.

1. Teaching/instructing. The shift to remote learning for both standard education and extracurriculars has been one of the hardest parts of this whole ordeal. A lot of teachers have moved on to retire early because it wasn't worth learning a whole new system this late in the game. If you have any interest or areas of expertise, you could probably get set up with substitute work in a hurry. If you like it, you could find a way to transition into a full-time career or perhaps advance your education and start teaching at the college level. 

2. Editor. Busy people hate proofreading. If you've got an eye for detail, hit the job boards and look for proofing and copyediting jobs. If you're good at it and speedy enough, you can make a surprisingly good living and set yourself up with a completely remote career. 

3. Virtual assistant. This job was trending even before COVID, and now it's really on the move. Organized, tech-savvy people are in high demand for pretty much every type of industry. Especially if you have a flexible schedule and are open to part-time hours, this could be a great place to start a career transition. 

4. Sales Rep. You can get work doing sales and customer services for all kinds of companies now that so much commerce has moved online. People with retail experience have been transitioning to remote work in droves, so if you have a phone and the right temperament, consider helping people with their online shopping. Most of these jobs will likely stick around even as the economy gets back to normal since shopping from home has been people's preference for quite some time now. 

If none of these jobs are of interest, think of what you'd like to do. Start with the dream and then try to ground it in reality. These are crazy times, but there's a lot of opportunity mixed into the hardship. Get creative in your approach and hopefully this will be the year you start your dream job. Good luck!

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