The Thread of My Life

by Louis A. McKay, Sr.

The Thread of My Life, by Louis A. Mckay is the story of a Marine with a quest to avenge the death of his teammate (Paperback)

The Thread of My Life is a rare gem of a novel that tells the story of Louis A. McKay Sr. a talented, hard working young man who decided to serve his country as a Marine at the age of 20 after receiving the terrible news that his high school friend was killed in combat during World War II.

McKay’s story is a page turner from beginning to end and immediately you see his unwavering drive and determination on display at a very early age. McKay’s work ethic stands out front and center promptly in the book and never waivers throughout his highly emotional retelling of his experiences and challenges he faced before, during, and long after the allied victory of WWII. I generally read in the evening time and on several occasions after chewing through several chapters I would find myself lying in bed second guessing whether or not I had done enough during the day or had I wasted precious time sitting on the couch watching television.

The Thread of My Life is a book that deserves inclusion into both the Marine Corp Commandant’s Professional Reading List and the Navy Professional Reading Program and should also be considered for promotion and sell at military exchanges around the world. Mr. McKay if you happen to read this review sir please know that as a 20 Navy veteran I salute you for your meritorious service and I highly recommend this book to both junior and senior officers and enlisted. A fantastic read from start to finish, McKay's story deserves inclusion into both Marine Corp and Navy professional reading list, March 11, 2016.

Reviewed by Von Coleman


The Thread of My Life, by Louis A. Mckay

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