They Call Me Weener

by Trina Machacek

Why would any one happily lay claim to being called Weener? How do you pour the perfect glass of milk? Why are there Eskimos on the roof of a hospital in Nevada? These and so many more life questions are crazily answered on the pages of this waggish book. Come on waggish just goes with these 55 chinwags! Oh and so many times a “but” buts into the conversations. YIKERS! You will read the stories and want to share the tales around tables where you sit and giggle with friends and family. Who knew you could exercise in and elevator? Trina did that’s who. Enjoy a belly laugh. Who knows maybe you will become and ITY Inputter for life. You’re gonna love this book.

About the Author

In 1955 Trina came into the world in Reno, Nevada exactly six months after and before Christmas on June 25 and it was snowing! In the late 60’s her family moved to the tiny town, Ely, Nevada where she went to high school, graduating in 1973. She believes nobody ever really leaves high school. “Those friendships are with you throughout your life. And they get better and better with time.” Writing began in those years but was put on the back burner for the next 40 plus years until she bulldozed herself into her local newspaper with her dream column, Is This You?, in 2012.

Since that first column she has had this tiny voice screaming in her ear to do the book you are holding. In her words she says, “I have never really wanted anything for myself. But this book, this is something I really, really want.

I want it to be as good as I can make it. I want those wonderful people who read it to laugh and smirk and giggle and maybe even get a little squishy too. I can’t wait to hold one in my hand!” So even though it might be just a book to you, to Trina it is a labor of enthusiasm and love that she has waited for. She now lives in Eureka, Nevada where she has been for nearly 45 years. Her “other half” Jerry left this world in January of 2018 after 42 years of marriage and almost twenty years of his illness and in need of constant home care in the last ten years.

Trina has spent the time since then writing more and more and living and doing things she only dreamt of during those wedded years of work and building and living as Jerry’s wife. Trina doesn’t have many regrets except letting all those years go by without being able to write about them. “That’s why it is so fun and easy to write now. Because of all those working years and living with a man who never said no to a project or in idea. That was my life then and this writing, about all that is my life, what it has been and is now is what I am lucky enough to do now. How lucky am I? VERY! HAHAHA”

The future holds only new experiences to share and grow with. “I recently went skydiving for my 65th birthday! It was as amazing as I thought it would be. Secretly I dreamed of doing it for years and years. I am blessed with a circle of grand friends that pull me up when I need it and I drag them along on my path when I can.” She is a Christian who gives these kudos, “I am so blessed that God puts my hands on a keyboard and stuff falls out of my fingers. It is the most natural, breathtaking experience to sit down and not know what will come out. I never, ever know how a story will end and then like magic, it flows and ends at just the right time. It’s His way of telling me I am alive!” Truly Trina is one person who is---Happy, happy all the time.

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