Women Making Waves

by Lara Einzig

Women Making Waves: Trailblazing Surfers In and Out of the Water (Ten Speed Press | June 28, 2022 | $35.00 | Hardcover) by Lara Einzig showcases twenty-nine extraordinary women from around the globe who are defying norms, dismantling the establishment, fighting for diversity and equality, and redefining surf culture with inspirational stories and inimitable style.  

Through candid interviews on the transformational power of surfing, and with immersive photography of beautiful beaches, surf shacks, and favorite breaks, Women Making Waves honors and celebrates a diverse group of women from all over the world who range in age, ethnicity, religion, backgrounds, opinions, and surfing abilities—each with their own intimate relationship to the ocean.  

Female surfers have long experienced inequality and misrepresentation, and countless women have challenged the status quo—many of whom are profiled in this book as they collectively work to reshape the landscape and gain the recognition they deserve. Ranging from world champions, big-wave record holders, mothers, adventurers, industry leaders, artists, doctors, and activists, Women Making Waves captures the life-altering strength and resilience of female surfers whose experiences shred stereotypes and whose stories are memorable, compelling, purposeful, and offer advice to those pondering their own surf life.  

Surfers featured include Maya Gabeira, a Brazilian woman who surfed the biggest wave of anyone in 2020; Bonnie Wright, the British actress and activist;  Risa Mara Machuca, who runs a free surfing camp in Mexico for local children; and Zara Noruzi, an Iranian exile who found peace on the water in Australia.   

The women and their stories in Women Making Waves will inspire future generations to come, understanding that surfing is not only a sport—it’s a way to change the world. 



Lara Einzig is a stylist, creative consultant, author, and surfer. After growing up in Australia, she spent twelve years in London working in fashion marketing for Topshop and as fashion director for Goop. She then moved to Los Angeles where she founded a creative direction consultancy. Lara is on a mission to inspire women around the world to live a life of purpose. Lara lives with her husband and three boys in Venice, California.   



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