The Unstoppable Writing Teacher

by Colleen Cruz

Colleen Cruz, born in Fullerton, attended St.Mary’s Catholic School, Fullerton High School, Bradford College, Massachusetts, Oxford College, England, and Columbia University, New York, is a Senior Consultant for Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Colleen and her colleagues are available as consultants to teachers throughout the world English Speaking schools, Grades 3-8th.

Colleen, says, “There is no child that can’t be taught how to read and write, without frustration and refusing to learn, with our system of instruction.” Veteran teacher and author Colleen Cruz has seen it all and done it all in the writing classroom—and she’s got something to admit: this is hard work. Real hard. In The Unstoppable Writing Teacher she takes on the common concerns, struggles, and roadblocks that we all face in writing instruction and helps us engage in the process of problem solving each one.

From dealing with writing workshop skeptics to working with students both gifted and challenged, and of course combating that eternal barrier—lack of time—Colleen offers tried-and-true strategies to address and overcome obstacles.

For the struggles unique to you, she includes a “Name Your Monster” section that helps you identify your own individual roadblocks and even offers sustainable support through her blog, “We can’t solve all the problems we’re faced with in writing instruction,” Colleen promises, “but we can choose how to respond to them. And our responses will make all the difference.”

In addition to writing the recently published Unstoppable Writing Teacher, I am the author of several other titles for teachers, including Independent Writing and A Quick Guide to Helping Struggling Writers, as well as the author of the young adult novel Border Crossing, a Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award Finalist. I was a classroom teacher in general education and inclusive settings before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project where I am a Senior Lead Staff Developer. I currently supports schools, teachers and their students nationally and internationally as a literacy consultant.



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