Lose Live

by Ron Irwin

“The most inspirational book I've ever read.”  Eddie Godoy, Manager, Burbank Athletic Club

“Many factors influence a person’s over all wellbeing.  But none of those factors alone are as powerful and crucial as what Ron Irwin so forcefully details in his book Lose Love.  I whole heartedly recommend it to everyone who cares about life.”  N. Perez, Fitness Trainer

"Compelling wisdom on your health from a guy who has been around the block...from a  former Marine who shoots straight on the real threat to your health."  Paul Bond, Film/TV/Stage Actor

"A striking book for anyone – fat, skinny, or in between. Ron cuts out the fat and gives us the bare, startling truth! You’re going to save lives.”  Grandmaster Don Baird. American School of Martial Arts. 

“What Ron shares in this “To the Point” book makes so much sense that it should be on everyone’s list of books to read NOW.  We all have loved ones who have developed poor eating habits and are either sick and on pharmaceutical drugs presently, or will be on the in a matter of time.  Lose Live would be a great gift for them.”  Harvey Branman, Molecular Hydration Consultant
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