Food for Thought

Appetizers For Your Brain

by Oleg T. Mategorin


The book presents a variety of information, including quotations, that will help people look at their lives and decide on how they can achieve “self-ownership” and a more meaningful life.

Nine chapters of ideas to help you smooth the road of life. 

Developing a positive attitude.

Making informed decisions.

Goal building ideas.

Survival stories & healing thoughts.

Survival of a Nation.

Effect of politics on our lives.

Entertainment’s effect on our lives.

Closing “Food for Thought”.


In a collection of relatable wisdom that includes lessons learned and applicable inspiring quotes, Oleg begins by providing guidance on how to develop a positive attitude, make informed decisions, and achieve goals. Others will learn how to take ownership of their lives, overcome obstacles in their paths, and search for a solution with a positive attitude. Oleg also includes stories of survival that attest to how discipline, tenacity, attitude, and fortitude can achieve positive results as well as reflections on why our survival as individuals depends on our survival as a nation, and the effects of politics and entertainment on our lives.

About the author;

Oleg Mategorin segmented decades of his life into periods. Period one, 1928-1946 – he immigrated to America to the New York “melting pot” in the Bronx. He learned the importance of strong family values, respect for police, teachers and elders. Period two, 1946-1955 – he went into army service and was introduced to a variety of individuals throughout America with a collection of young men with their many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Period three, 1956-1986 – he was hired by Remington Rand UNIVAC, trained in marketing of data processing services to the business world ranging through small and large companies. Period four, 1986-2006 – he was hired by a major bank to provide payment-processing services to banks. Period five, 2006 – now – he is actively working on various projects to offer a variety of services that may assist organizations in keeping up with the demands of the information age. He is living with his family and watching his grandchildren and their families growing with good values, and being involved with his great grandchildren.

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