Book Ad Requirements


With so many books being published each year it is difficult for an author and publishers to get their book noticed.

Authors and publishers need to advertise their book in as many places as possible, so why not with the Huntington Beach News and are rate can't be beat. For $25 for a full year, that's right, 365 days of advertising for your book for only $25.00 a year.

What to you need to do to get your book on the Huntington Beach News webpage? We need the following:

1. Book Title
2. Author's Name (address, phone number and email-for our records only)
3. A scanned picture of the book cover in JPG or PNG in a large size, so we can resize it (no thumbnail size)
4. An outline of the book - one or more paragraphs are fine
5. A bio of the author - but this is not required
6. Where the reader can get a copy of your book
7. No orther advertising in the text
8. Only one book advertised per webpage, No other advertising permitted
9. Book cover photo and information sent to us on either a flash drive or CD/DVD (Item not returned without return postage) along with a check or money order made out to "Huntington Beach News." This is because of the threat of computer and bank hacking that happens these days either to you or us, so we require a check or money order only.

The $25 includes a webpage on the Huntington Beach News book news, picture of the front book cover and listed in our book index for one year. (additional pictures for that book on your webpage are $10 each)

Send to: Huntington Beach News
18582 Beach Blvd. Suite 236
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


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