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Grand Re-opening of Absolutely Fabulous

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: June 17, 2019

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Saturday, June 15th., Diane Silverstein held her grand re-opening of her gift store Absolutely Fabulous in the Warner-Dale Shopping Square 6026 Warner Avenue.

Why was this so special over all other openings is that after a troubled first part of the year that saw her store's roofing tiles fall through the ceiling and damaging shelves and merchandise in several areas of the store.

Next came the storms that filled that entered the store and damaged more of her stock and also created mold damage.

During this time Silverstein was hospitalized with a lung infection that required one lung to be removed.

At this same time the shopping center was being remodeled that required her business to be shut down because of the repair work. The next problem for her was that every one was telling her, from the roofing company, center management, and landlord that "It's not my fault."

But through all this trying time, Silverstein persevered and although everything at the business is still not back to normal, repairs are coming along that she and her employees are able have his re-opening day.


Her employees spent many hours redecorating the windows for this day. Then finding out the track lighting in the window ceiling had no power because the water damage shorted out the wiring.


Columnist Chris MacDonald and Diane Silverstein show off bag of free jewelry

Customers on Saturday were able to pick a free small bag that contained a free gift. One of those attending the re-opening was columnist Chris MacDonald who picked one of the small jewelry gifts for his mother.


Cabinets and shelves were filled with crystal, glass, paintings and china gifts that customers had to walk carefully along the aisles.


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