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HB Resident Continues his Wildlife Adventure with Camera in Central Park

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: January 11, 2021


People enjoying an outing in HB Central Park


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This past week with the COVID-19 virus out of control in Orange County, local parks are a safe place for a family or a lone photographer like Huntington Beach resident Gus Marsh to get out of the house and find nature's wildlife going about their normal routine.

Marsh has again taken his camera to photograph the wildlife found in Huntington Central Park east where families can relax and watch park life from ants gathering food to pesky squirrels romping around their boroughs. You can find these same scenes in many of Huntington Beach's local parks. Masks should be worn if parks are crowded or to be on the safe side.

A couple having a picnic together


There is life that can still be found if you look hard enough for animals, birds and even plants and flowers to be seen.


Walking a dog along paths in HB Centreal Park


"I took a walk behind the HB Library on Saturday, Jan 9, 2021 and saw people walking their dogs, enjoying a picnic and there were many people at the Park Bench Cafe enjoying a warm afternoon," said Marsh.



"I did see about 100-150 Geese at the park, I asked them if they flew down from Canada, all they said was honk, honk, honk, Marsh said.

There were lots of Coots and a few ducks in Talbert Lake. "I did not see any White Canes or squirrels this time", said Marsh.

Marsh, like other nature lovers with cameras, are going out to many of Huntington Beach neighborhood parks to record the hidden wild life and record the changing seasons to capture the scenes with his camera's eye.

But there is one thing we humans must NOT do during your adventures into nature's world, is feed the animals and birds. Don't forget to throw your trash in the bins located inside and around local parks. Keep Our Parks Clean for the animals and humans. Photos:GusMarsh

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