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Merchants Complain of the Closure of the 3rd Block of Main Street

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: August 10, 2020


3rd Block of Main Street at Noon on Saturday, August 8th


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Saturday, August 8th., the city closed the third block of Main Street to traffic. Traffic that would normally park along Main Street to buy merchandise from local businesses that line the gateway to Surf City USA. The 3rd block on Saturday was a ghost street, empty of traffic that now is rerouted past Fifth Street businesses.

Many of the merchants complained to the city that they did not want the third block closed, said 30-year business owner Rick Fignetti, owner of Rockin' Fig. "They didn't ask us for our opinion, they just closed the block to traffic. They even closed the post office's large entry gate on Main Street and make their large mail trucks go in from the narrow alleyway."

Rick Fignetti gives a thumbs-down on 3rd Block street closure


Merchants talked and explained to city officials and employees that closing down the third block would hurt local businesses with most saiding they didn't want it closed. Them we later found out that the city wants to rent out spaces in front of our businesses to other businesses.

Only a few businesses that might benefit from the closure, they are food and drink type businesses and they are not going help our business, hiding our businesses behind popup tent back curtains. The city will move walking beach visitors from the sidewalks to the center of Main Street as they have done in the second block.

"I pay dues to the local BID office on Fifth Street to help us and they do nothing to stop the closing of the street," said Fignetti. "I heard from people that Pacific City Mall pulled out of BID and stopped paying them."

In 1980 the city turned Main Street from Orange Avenue to Pacific Coast Highway into a one-way street leading to PCH and killed local tourist buying trade for several local merchants, said Huntington Beach Historian and former 3rd Block business owner Jerry Person. This was just before the so-called redevelopment demolished many of our historic buildings that our neighboring city, Seal Beach is so proud to showcase on their Main Street.

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