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HB resident to graduate with Bachelors Degree at 15


by: Jerry Person
Posted: November 29, 2021


Jack Rico


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Jack Rico, 15, on December 14th will become the youngest graduate at the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelors Degree in history with honors.

The family recently moved to Huntington Beach in 2021 and commutes back and forth every week to Las Vegas for him to attend classes for the two-year history program, which by the way he completed a semester early. 

When Jack was in 3rd grade he struggled with his lessons and asked his mother Ru Andrade for help and that's when Jack's mother looked in homeschooling for her son.

This turned into a good experience for the both of them as she helped kept her son motivated by having him setting small goals a little at a time.

Jack Rico in his Cap and Gown


A native of Southern California, Jack was able to skip both middle and high schools and go directly to junior college where he graduated at age 13 before enrolling into the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Unlike some 15-year-olds who spend their time playing video games, learning to date and drive or just hanging out with other 15 year olds, Jack was busy studying for his 5 degrees ( 4 AA’s and 1 Bachelors Degree).

Jack says he now wants to join the work force and find a job, something his mother right now wishes he would just wait and be a kid and enjoy life.

Jack's not sure what's next after graduation, maybe he'll continue and get his master's degree, but right now he will be wearing his cap and gown with other older graduates. Photos:KLAS


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