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Huntington Beach student on his way to becoming a business entrepreneur

by: HB News staff writer Jerry Person
Posted: August 2, 2021


Chase Pavioff shows off one of his pieces


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Can you remember what you were like as your turned a teenager? Bet you were still eating junk food, complaining about homework, surfing the net or watching television in your room.

When we think of some one being an entrepreneur you probaly picture someone in their 30s or 40s.

That's not the case for one 13-year-old Spring View School student, Chace Pavioff of Huntington Beach.

Chace and his two older brothers came up with idea of a hoodie-sweatshirt.

When his two old brothers lost interest, Chace took up project. He created a brand name, Clockwise, he worked on the design lettering and the look of the sweatshirt.


He began working on building an internet presence of a shopping cart, to all the little things a self-proclaimed entrepreneur needed to do to form a company.

This teenager is learning how to be business savvy.

Being a CEO and an 8th grade student can be a bit tricky, but Chace so far has been able to do both.

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