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5th and PCH hosts Pet Adoption Day

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: August 20, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Saturday morning, August 18th, Pat Rogers of Rogers Marketing arrived early to 5th Street in the historic downtown for the afternoon's annual 5th and PCH hosting of the pet adoption expo event in the first block. Rogers was there to see that each vendors setup their booth in the right spaces.

The event is a way for pets to find a good home with a good family. This event is co-hosted by waggin' Trails Rescue Foundation.

Pat Rogers explains today's expo event to Don Peters


During the late morning hours, Rogers met up with Don Peters of The Next Level whose office is across the alley on Main Street who came over to see what was going on and became very interested in this rescue event.

One by one the vendors arrived to set up their tables for the 12noon opening of the event.

Gisela Campagne and Pat Rogers unloads Campagne's vehicle


During the morning Rogers helped animal rescuer Gisela Campagne unload her car and setup Waggin' Trails booth.

Other booths at the expo event included LegalShield, 4 A Higher Good, and doTERRA Wellness.


Leigh Ann Gilmore at her LegalShield table



Gaye Watanabe gives a thumbs up at her 4 A Higher Good table


Nancy Sherman of doTERRA Wellness carries products to keep your pet healthy


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