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Calvary Church holds fundraiser yard sale Saturday

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: April 15, 2019

Erica and Phil Galante help with church fundraiser yard sale


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Phil Galante wears several hats, he is a Calvary Baptist Church Deacon and he and his wife Erica help with the fundraiser yard sales the church puts on at the Galante's front yard.

Other members of Calvary Baptist Church last Saturday, April 13th., help arrange a yard sale fundraiser at the corner of Garfield Avenue and Lister Lane.

It was in the early morning that Phil Galante and his wife helped unload items from church members' vehicles, help set up tables, and place items on and around those tables for the day's sale as eager buyers pulled up in their vehicles for a look.

The sale of these items will go to help raise funds for their sister church, Príncipe de Paz (Prince of Peace) in Nogales, Mexico. Clothing not sold would be brought down to the poor families in Nogales.

"Several youths from the church were to bring the clothing down to Mexico, but decided to postpone the trip because of the very long wait at the Mecican border," said Phil Galante.

Calvary Baptist is located at 8281 Garfield Avenue in Huntington Beach.


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