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HBHS Oilers Wrestling Team Fundraiser

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: February 19, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...If the following names Gorgeous George, Baron Michele Leone, Mr. Moto, Lou Thesz, Dr. Grable, Wild Red Berry and Jules Strongbow sound familiar, them you were part of the lucky ones to have watch wrestling live on black and white television screens in the early 1950s when it was popular sport.

L-R: Ty Royster, Patrick Shearer, Nick Lawrence, Grace Doering and Cole Royster


Almost 70 years later the name Ty and Cole Royster, Patrick Shearer, Grace Doering and Nick Lawrence may become household name in the wrestling ring.

But for now they can only hope of stardom and lines of cheering fans wanting their autographs.

Today these wrestlers are part of the Huntington Beach High School's Oilers Wrestling team.

Booster Club Executive Board President Monica Shearer


On Saturday, February 17th. Monica Shearer, the president of the HBHS Wrestling Booster Club Executive Board donated the use of their Avalon Lane garage and driveway for a fundraiser yard sale for the team.

Last year the team held a fundraiser for the school's wrestling team that brought in around $600 and this year they realy need funds to be used for uniforms and mats, any extra would help fund future tournaments.

People can donate by contacting Booster Club Executive Board at:

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