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Keller Williams Reality celebrated Earth Day with a Shredding Event

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: April 24, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Saturday, April 22nd was Earth Day around the world including businesses in Surf City USA with 80 degree temperature feeling more like summertime than what the date says on the calendar.

Over in the parking lot of Sea Cliff Business Center at Main Street and Yorktown members of KW - Keller Williams Reality were celebrating Earth Day with a shredding and ewaste event. This is an annual event that members of the Keller Williams family of Realtors have done since 2014.

The KW team was on a mission, a mission to shred old, outdated boxes of papers and to take in old ewaste from the public. The team wanted to help people discard their old documents, paid bills and maybe even old love letters from past boyfriends or girlfriends so a current husband or wife wouldn't find them.

Richard Rector, Sr. (right) and a helper remove a printer , to be loaded unto a truck


Throughout the day cars would pull into the parking lot while the Realtors, yes it was the Realtors, who unloaded the cars and trucks of their old files and papers. These were then loaded into an opening in the shredding truck and before the cars or truck left the lot, a loud sound issued forth as the shredder destroyed the material so no others could use it for criminal purpose.

KW Realtors Dianne and Richard Rector, Rick and Anita Glasser and several others were busy throughout the day unloaded and reloading unto trucks or into the big shredder..

The KW team had help from SoCal Shred and their large truck. When people brought in their old laptops, monitors and electrical waste that went inside another truck that began filling with old computers from Dell, Apple, etc. Monitors that were still good, but the owner either upgraded to a large size or purchased a laptop, found their way inside this second truck also to be brought to a recycling plant where parts, cases and valuable metals would be removed and recycled.

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