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HB Boy Scouts celebrate 100 years

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: August 14, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Saturday, August 12, 2017 was a very special day forformer and present members of Boy Scout Troop 1 and their families as they celebrated 100 years of service to Huntington Beach.


Russ Paxton, Troop 1 oldest scout in unform


From Russ Paxton, 96, the troop's oldest member to its newest members, they came to celebrate at Lake Park, the site of their log cabin clubhouse that has been sitting at the original location for a century.

Greeting past friends


There were many older members in uniforms of the past with stories of their time as scouts when the town was young and so were they.

L-R: Police Chief Robert Handy, Councilman Erik Peterson and Bob Ewing


On hand to help celebrate this special event was Huntington Beach Councilman Erik Peterson and a former scoutmaster of another scout troop in Huntington Beach.

Supervisor Michelle Steel with a commendation for the scouts


Councilman Patrick Brenden with wife Antoinette


Orange County Supervisor Michelle Steel with District Representive Tim Whitacre and City Councilman Patrick Brenden with his wife Antoinette were attending the event.


Huntington Beach Chief of Police Robert Handy was attending with his wife and longtime residents Ann Minnie and Paul Howard. In all there were over 400 people who came to remember the good times they had at the scout cabin as boy scouts.

Watch a short video of just a sample of the people who attended the ceremony.

Having lunch as a part of the event


A lunch was provided at cost for many at the table area of the park.

The first troop here was started at the First Baptist church in 1915 with Will Tolson serving as its first Scoutmaster, this troop lasted only a few months.

Icons of scouting


In 1917 it was reorganized this time as Huntington Beach Troop 1 and calling themselves the "Kit Carson" troop. They met in the Baptist church with Rev. Coats as their Scoutmaster. When Coats left town, the troop met at the Christian church with Boyden Hall serving as Scoutmaster and later by Scoutmaster Cecil McCoy in 1918. By the end of 1918 the H.B. Chamber of Commerce helped sponsor the troop, but by 1920 the troop folded.

Plenty of time for picture taking


Two years later when Ed Morris arrived in town in early 1922 he saw a need for a boys organization and with the fundraising help of the Huntington Beach Host Lions Club help the scouts secured a permanent home for the troop. They had met in several locations around town including 215 Main Street.

The Lions Club held a large ball in the Pavilion on March 5, 1923 that brought in enough funds to begin a Scout Cabin. The first site chosen for the new cabin was at the rear of the ice house at the corner of present day Atlanta and Alabama. The scouts spent several days clearing the site of weeds and even putting on a show for their parents on March 23, 1923.

A five-piece Scout band entertain the people


Watch a video of the band in action.

Even though they now had a lot, it was felt by the Lions' scout committee that a location more in town was needed and with the help of Main Street businessman, R. J. Prescott, who owned the hardware store, the committee requested the city to let them build a log cabin for the scouts in Lake Park.

Former Boy Scout Norman visits old friends


The Lions succeeded in getting Pacific Telephone to donate a large quantity of telephone poles for the cabin. The Southern Pacific Railroad brought the poles to the site as their tracks ran along Lake Street to PCH.

On October 29, 1923, about 40 volunteer members of the local Carpenter's Union assembled at the site and started construction. The Lions and the carpenters sawed and notched the poles.

Inside the Boy Scout Cabin


The Edison Company helped by donating more poles and bringing in a boom truck to raise the logs into place. Ten months went by and on April 2, 1924 and with the help of the Lions Club, the Huntington Beach Company, the Edison Company and the Carpenter's Union, the scout's log cabin was completed.

The city held a three day celebration in which Ed Manning, the city's first mayor, thanked all who made the cabin the most completely furnished scout cabin in Southern California.

Over the years the cabin has been painted, a kitchen added as well as electricity and water.

Twenty-five years ago Troop 1 held its 75th Anniversary on July 25, 1992, where many former boy scouts returned to renew old friendships. Many of those scouts are no longer with us in the flesh, but you can bet they were there in spirit.

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