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It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: February 19, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...Many of you may have noticed little people wearing green outfits all around Surf Surf USA this past weekend standing in front of buildings.

They could be Irish leprechauns searching for a place to hide their pot of gold from the revelers on St. Patrick's Day coming up next month.

But a closer look revealed that these little people in their green outfits were girls. Girls Scouts selling their great tasting cookies in from of markets, big box stores and neighborhood street corners.

L-R: Taylor, Megan and Ava from Troop 2716


On Saturday, February 17th., three young scouts with a parent were stationed at the two entrances of Albertsons Market in the Newland Shopping Center on Beach Boulevard.

Two tables were filled with boxes of cookies of all kinds.

Taylor and Ava were working both tables while Megan stayed at one. The three Girl Scouts were from Troop 2716 that meets a Talbert Middle School.

Ave and Taylor at their other table at Albertsons Market


When asked which cookies the girls liked most were found that each like a different cookie.

Ava liked the lemonade flavored cookie, Megan preferred the Caramel Delight and Taylor really enjoys eating the thin mints.

So mom and dad if you have more than one youngster in the family, you had better buy one box of cookies of each kind just to be safe and let your taste buds decide which flavor cookie they like best.

Now if were only a milk table nearby, what more would a youngster want or an adult too.

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