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Is Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery closed or what?

by: Jerry Person
Published: March 27, 2023



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Saturday morning, March 25th., a Costa Mesa couple pulled into the parking lot of the Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery on Beach Boulevard and Yorktown Avenue to visit four pets that are interred there. Getting out of their vehicle the couple noticed something was amiss.

"Usually the lawn is beautifully manicured and well maintained," said John of Costa Mesa and a former resident of Huntington Beach.


John's wife walked over to the office door only to find a notice that the pet cemetery is closed. Two out-of-county phone numbers were listed on the notice to call for information.

A shopper at the Albertson Market nearby said that she read that the crematory had been taken out recently and she too wondered why the cemetery was doing this.

A call to the Sea Breeze Cemetery gave no explanation as to why it was closed or when it may reopen, only a voice mail to call a Lake Elsinore or an LA number.

Another shopper who said that he had two animals in there was unhappy to have heard of the closing. "These two animals were members of my family."

The cemetery owners, West Coast Memorial L.A., have not returned my calls said the shopper.

The cemetery has been a place for Huntington Beach residents to bury their four-pawed family member for over 60 years. The cemetery leases the land that it sits on.

Thousands of pets are interred on the property with land still available for many more burials.

One explanation could be a change of managers, but that would not explain not keeping the grounds up.

Right now there isn't much information available to the public. John and his wife and others will just have to wait. The question now on the public's mind "Is this Hallow ground or high-rise ground?"

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