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Trump Demonstrators Still Continue Along PCH

by: HB News staff writers
Posted: January 11, 2021


Demonstrators at pier entrance


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Demonstrators on Saturday, January 9th from the Viet community continue to demonstrate along Pacific Coast Highway at the entrance to Main Street for their champion Donald Trump. Many from the Vietnam community demanding the government look into voter fraud in future elections.



Many of the vehicles passing by on Pacific Coast Highway continued to blow their horns or give the demonstrators an OK thumbs-up. But one passenger in a white SUV gave demonstrators the "one finger salute" while waiting for the green light.

Two surfers watch while a drummer plays his drum


One demonstrator plays his drum as he marches back and forth along Pacific Coast Highway while others wave Trump flags to passing motorists.

Many of the demonstrators still continue to carry signs and flags calling for "Keep America Great."


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