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Get to know HB Host Lion Dean Becket

by: Carol Van Holt
Posted: February 10, 2020


Lion Dean Becket


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This month we feature Lion Dean Becket.

In his words:   "This is Dean Becket - I am a sports enthusiast, Special Olympics athlete, a musician, and lover of providing service to the community.

My brother and I grew up in Torrance, California where we rode our bikes to the beach a lot of times and enjoyed the outdoors as often as we could. He and I are Eagle Boy Scouts and I have completed 31 merit badges.  I enjoyed going to Boy Scout camp each summer and I worked at Camp Whitsett in the Sequoia National Park one summer.   That was a lot of fun.

Currently, I work as a custodian at Elwyn California in Fountain Valley three days a week which gives me the opportunity to attend classes at Coastline College in Newport Beach with my friends.  I have enjoyed attending classes in Photo Shop, art, rhythm, exercise, vocal and keyboard (music)  I compete with Special Olympics in bowling, softball, and swimming now, I competed in otter sports previously.  I also promote Special Olympics to others when I can as this program is so important to my friends and me.  I love to compete in sports and enjoy the opportunities to be recognized for it.  When I am not participating, I follow a lot of sports teams - just ask me.

When I can, I take ballroom dance classes as I love to dance.   I am also an accomplished chef - "Chef Boy R Dean" - which is why I love making Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes each year for the children at Breakfast with Santa.

I just want to be treated the same as everyone else so I can be who I am, and I am thankful that the Huntington Beach Lions allow me this opportunity.  I also have the desire to serve my community (I must have gotten that from my mom  and grandparents who have a hard time saying no.)  I help my mom each year to give free turkeys to the community at Hyundai and help out with other community projects.   I even support the Fountain Valley Chamber each year by participating in their annual softball game.

My mom and I are traveling the world one continent at a time.   Next stop London, England, to see Harry Potter's castle, Hogwarts, on our way to Africa to go on a real Safari and see Victoria Falls.   I cannot wait! " Photo:HBHLions


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