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People Reminding People about Human Trafficking of Children


by: HB News staff writer
Posted: August 3, 2020



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Saturday, August 1st. drivers along Pacific Coast Highway in Surf City USA noticed a line of concerned parents and residents of Orange County about the large number of children around the world that are victims of Human Trafficking.


Many in the group that stretched from Main Street to Sixth Street carried signs reading "Save the Children - Stop Human Trafficking," "8,000,000 missing kids," Pedophilia NO!."

Many of these children are sold into slavery by their parents, not because they were not loved, but poverty has forced them to do so that the rest of the family could be fed. In some countries it had been a custom dating back centuries to sell children to work in richer countries as slaves.

The group Saturday wanted to remind people about human trafficking and that these children are "God's Children and are not for sale," as one sign read. Another individual held up a sign that "80% of Human Trafficking victims are Children." Remember that Jesus loved everyone, adults and children alike.

Horns could be heard as cars passed the parade of signs, people signaling they too believe the same way that world governments need to do more to allow children to be children and not some pedophile toy or some rich householder's slave.

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