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9 years is just to long to wait for action

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: July 17, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...A reader has sent in photos of a home in Surf City that will not be on the Better Homes and Gardens award list.

Janet Bean writes that the old pickup truck has been sitting in the front driveway of 19132 Walleye Circle for three years that is filled with junk and has flat tires. Only recently has the trap been added she states.

"I am reaching out to anyone who might listen and might want to take on a story that is ongoing for 9 years. It has to do with a hoarder in our neighborhood.  The city was first contacted for help 9 years ago, and to date, they have not done anything helpful.  The hoarder has so much junk in his house that he can no longer live there and now has a second home that is is the same disarray.  Both homes have abandoned vehicles in the driveway full of junk, with flat tires and out of registration," Bean said.

"The yard is overgrown and weedy, the owner brings junk in to drop off.  The rodent problems have become an issue and we are concerned about mold as well."

"The sad thing is, what is in the truck has been there for at least 3 years and not moved, rain shine, all has to be be moldy and a hazard. It is a firs hazard and a heath issue and the city will do nothing to help. This is the second home that the owner has filled up with junk. Most the time the truck is not covered. He comes periodically to add more to the backyard and then covers it if the wind has blown it off. If you had to live with [this] daily you would feel different."

Voicing this to the code enforcement of Huntington Beach falls on deaf ears.  We have been told so many excuses, have been given all sorts of stall tactics, told he was being fined, told they had to go to court. All of this over a 9 year course with nothing being done.  Today we found out that the code enforcement person responsible for this for many years left the department and when she left, she dropped the ball again, the office has no open record of this case.  9 years and it is just gone," Bean said. Photos:JBean

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