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Beautiful Weather to Take a Walk in Huntington Central Park

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: June 14, 2021


The Owl was hanging out in the trees today, sometime they are impossible to see, they blend in so well.


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Nature photographer Gus Marsh has again left his home on Sunday, June 13th., in Surf City to take a long walk behind the HB Library to capture the changing landscape of Huntington Central Park east and the denizens who live there.


"I saw no Canadian Geese or Black Coots and just a few ducks. My guess is that everyone flew north for cooler weather," said Marsh.

Heading up one of the park's several trails Marsh spotted another memorial beach, its empty seat waiting for tired walkers.


The bench this week is dedicated to Dick Harmon, Forever in our Hearts, 2015.


"I did see a pair of ducks in the water and another pair getting lunch in the grass," Marsh said.


As I was leaving the HB Police showed up, I did not stay around to find out what they were up to. Photos:GusMarsh


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