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Huntington Beach's Fifth Streets?

by: HB News staff writer
Published: May 23, 2022


HUNTINGTON BEACH...At some point or other many of us have heard the terms: He's a Fifth wheel, I'll have a Fifth bottle of gin, It's a Fifth note in music, These men are part of a Fifth column or I'll take the Fifth Amendment.

As you can see, a fifth is important to Huntington Beach. It is so important that we have two streets named Fifth Street and both end on State Highway #1.


 The first Fifth Street runs right next to our Main Street in the downtown area of Huntington Beach and ends at State Highway #1 (Pacific Coast Highway).

The second Fifth Street in located in the northern part of Huntington Beach in the old Sunset Beach area and that too ends at State Highway #1 (Coast Highway.)

In that area they have number streets similiar to our downtown's number streets. But what they have in the Sunset Beach area that our downtown area lacks is a Fourth Street. Our fourth street is called Main Street.

To make matters worst is that Huntington Beach has seven postal Zip Codes. Most people know the first four zips as 92646, 92647, 92648 and 92649. But the box holders at the Warner Avenue Post Office use 92605, the post office box holders on Atlanta Avenue has a zip code of 92615 and the old Sunset Beach area post office in Huntington Beach has a zip code of 90742. Yet there in both legally in Huntington Beach.

Who said it's easy to live in Surf City USA.


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