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Wildlife abounds in Huntington Central Park


by: HB News staff writer
Posted: November 29, 2021


People were out playing vollyball


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Last Thursday, November 25th., naturalist photographer Gus Marsh, his wife Charlotte and their friend Jules took a nature walk behind the Library in Huntington Central Park east.

The Santa Ana winds had subsided and the warm sunny day seemed to them a perfect time to see what wildlife still inhabit the park site. Their first sight on exiting the vehicle were of people who also found the weather appealing and came over to play some outdoor games.

Everywhere you turn there is some wildlife around, looking for food or just people watching.

The Ducks were on the water, looking for food


Getting a little tired so we looked for a park bench to rest for a minute. We spotted one that had the name of former Huntington Beach Mayor N. John "Jack" Green who was mayor in 1969 and who served on the City Council from 1966 to 1974.

The bench for Jack Green, and the Nature and Play Area


There were signs, please do not feed the wildlife, yet it's alright to get fed at the Park Bench Cafe.


If you stop for about 2 minutes, every wildlife will come up to you




The Muscovy Duck, breeding in the United States. The males are up to 15 lb and the females are smaller, about 6 lb. Photos:GusMarsh


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