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Pickleball Court Side Rehabilitation Program for Seniors

by: Dan Kramer
Published: September 25, 2023



HUNTINGTON BEACH...- Huntington Valley Healthcare Center, 8382 Newman Ave in Huntington Beach, a leading skilled nursing facility in Orange County California, is excited to announce its groundbreaking rehabilitation program aimed at helping seniors recover from pickleball injuries and surgeries called the “Court-Side Rehabilitation Program“.

With recent news highlighting the surge in pickleball-related injuries among the elderly and the subsequent strain on insurance companies, Huntington Valley Healthcare Center is taking proactive steps to address this issue and support the well-being of its patients including outreach to local Orange County hospitals.

Pickleball, a popular sport among seniors, has witnessed a recent rise in participation. Along with its popularity, there has been a corresponding increase in pickleball-related injuries, particularly among older adults. This has led to rising costs for insurance companies, posing challenges for both patients and the healthcare industry at large.  According to UBS analysts, pickleball injuries will cost Americans approximately $377 million this year and estimate that there will be around 67,000 emergency room visits, 366,000 outpatient visits and 9,000 outpatient surgeries related to pickleball injuries.

Diava Hasty, a 75-year-old Huntington Beach California resident with a Master’s in Education with emphasis in Physical Education who plays pickleball 3 times a week couldn’t agree more with the findings.  “Having worked in physical education and sports coaching for the majority of my life, I can see what other pickleball players are doing wrong.  They aren’t taking the steps to ensure they are protecting themselves from potential injuries.  Simply showing up and playing isn’t good enough.  Stretching and other strength exercises are beneficial in helping to prevent injuries while not playing above your limits.” 


Recognizing the need for specialized care and rehabilitation for these injuries after experiencing an injury himself, Andrew Stephenson, the Administrator at Huntington Valley Healthcare Center worked with his staff to develop a comprehensive program tailored to the unique needs of pickleball injury patients. The center's team of experienced healthcare professionals, including skilled therapists, physicians, and nurses, has designed evidence-based rehabilitation protocols to facilitate recovery from Pickleball and other sports activity related injuries to restore patients' functionality and quality of life.


The Court-Side Rehabilitation Program at Huntington Valley Healthcare Center offers a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating physical therapy, occupational therapy, and personalized exercise regimens. The goal is to optimize patients' recovery by focusing on improving strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion. The program also emphasizes pain management strategies, ensuring patients' comfort throughout the rehabilitation process.

"Our mission at Huntington Valley Healthcare Center is to provide exceptional care and support to our patients, helping them regain their independence and resume their active lifestyles" said David Price the Director of Rehab at Huntington Valley Healthcare Center. "With the rise in pickleball injuries among seniors, we recognized the urgent need for a specialized program that addresses pickleball-related injuries. Our rehabilitation program aims to not only aid in physical recovery but also empower our patients with the skills and knowledge to prevent future injuries."

Huntington Valley Healthcare Center is committed to collaborating with insurance companies and leveraging its expertise to reduce costs associated with pickleball injuries. By providing comprehensive rehabilitation and proactive education, the center aims to mitigate the need for prolonged hospital stays, rehospitalizations, and costly medical interventions.

“Our goal is to get seniors playing pickleball again so they can continue to maintain an active lifestyle that keeps them out of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, while taking the burden off insurance companies.” said Andrew Stephenson, the Administrator at Huntington Valley Healthcare Center. “We think it’s a win-win for everyone, especially for those who want a speedy and full recovery so they can get back on the courts again.”

For more information about Huntington Valley Healthcare Center or their Court-Side Rehabilitation Program, please visit their website at or contact their office at (714) 842-5551. Photo:HVHealthcare Center


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