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Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group Launches "Operation Joining Forces"

by: Judy Mastracchio
Posted: March 19, 2018

DANA POINT...Our Fighting Fifth Marines will soon be deploying to the Middle East and the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group (DPMRSG) is seeking patriotic citizens to “Adopt-A-Marine” or a Marine and his family, during his time in-country.
 “Operation Joining Forces” is a program which joins the Citizens of the Dana Point and surrounding communities with the 5th Marines from Camp Pendleton who are deployed.  Supporters may choose to sponsor either a single Marine, or a Marine and the family he’s left behind.

The relationship will last approximately nine months, the duration of the deployment. Locals who opt-in to be part of the program will receive the name, rank, mailing address and email of the “adoptee” and also contact information for a family, if that is their choice. The DP5MRSG will provide a list of what is permissible to send with further instructions on how to mail the package; if it’s a Marine and family, there are also suggestions on how to best offer your support. In addition to “goodies”, Marines and their families are always happy to receive cards, notes of encouragement and prayers for their safe returns This is a chance to truly show your gratitude to the many who make such sacrifices on behalf of our country.

Schools, church groups and service organizations are encouraged to participate in the program. Spread the word and spread the cheer!

The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group (DPMRSG) is comprised of citizens who reside in the Dana Point area that willingly devote substantial time and talent to achieve goals that will benefit active duty 5th Marine Regiment Personnel, our Wounded Warriors at Batallion West, Camp Pendleton and their families.

For more information or to participate, visit or contact Sheri Schneringer OJF Chairman To volunteer at one of its many events, email Judy Mastracchio at

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