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Newport Beach Western Snowy Plover Management Plan

by: Newport Beach PIO
Posted: July 15, 2019


NEWPORT BEACH...The Planning Division has submitted the Western Snowy Plover Management Plan for East Balboa Peninsula Beaches (Plan) to the California Coastal Commission for their review. The Western Snowy Plover (WSP) is a federally designated threatened species and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service has designated the beach area between B and G Streets as critical habitat for the WSP. The area also contains protected native dune habitat.

The Plan includes provisions for habitat management and dune restoration that takes into account predator management, recreation management, municipal operations in and around the critical habitat, signage and public education. Finally, and most importantly, the Plan includes procedures for habitat monitoring and an adaptive management component that allows the Plan to be modified and adjusted to changing habitat and WSP population conditions observed through the monitoring.

The Plan was prepared by biologists from Glen Lukos Associates. However, the preparation was truly a collaborative effort that included input by the many City departments that work in and around the critical habitat area. The preparation of the plan also included input from residents and other interested groups received at three public meetings and through written correspondence.

Implementation of the Plan, which includes removal of the two fenced areas, requires approval of a Coastal Development Permit. City staff will now wait to hear from Coastal Commission staff regarding any suggested changes before advancing the Plan to a public hearing before the Coastal Commission.

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