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Fullerton Elks Host Food Collection Drive

by: Cory Brown
Posted: February 22, 2021


Marie Nunez, Pete Murrieta, Mychael Blinde


FULLERTON...Fullerton Elks Lodge conducted a food collection drive on February 5th.  Members brought cans, jars, packages, bags and boxes of food to the Lodge to assist families and individuals in our community suffering from food and financial insecurity due to COVID-19's impact and other factors. 

The food items, totaling approximately 500 pounds, were picked up by Pathways of Hope, located in Fullerton, which serves as a direct food distribution point for Orange County's Food Band (Second Harvest). 

Tim and Susan Fields


Additionally, the Lodge obtained a $2,000 Spotlight Grant from the Elks National Foundation, which was also presented to Pathways of Hope for additional food purchase and distribution.  Receiving the monetary donation was Mychael Blinde, Development Manager, Pathways of Hope. 

Food drive volunteers included: Pete Murrieta, ER; Marie Nunez, Loyal Knight; Trudy Nuzum; Judy Givens; Tina Gomez and Tee Jaramillo. Photos:FullertonElks

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