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Coyote spotted in FV neighborhood

by: Jerry Person
Published: June 17.2024


FOUNTAIN VALLEY...There has been a sighting of a coyote in a Fountain Valley neighborhood  This can possibly be attributed to residents leaving food scraps in the open for their pet. Pet owners should be aware that coyotes will attack pets in backyards at night.

Pet owners shouldn't leave garbage in open containers as this only serves to attract coyotes to the area in search of prey or food. The attraction is further compounded with the ease of access to the area since the flood control channel runs along the south side of the  site. Coyotes will use flood control channels to travel throughout the area.  

Residents are advised to properly pick up after their pets and also are advised to keep their dogs on a leash (6 feet maximum). Failure to do so may result in a citation per Orange County Municipal Code 4.01.045.  

The best plan to reduce coyotes is to focus on eliminating or reducing the number of attractants. Simply trapping or relocating coyotes is not feasible so long as attractants remain in place. This will only result in coyotes returning to the area.  If you see a coyote please call our business line at (714) 593-4485 to report coyote sightings so they may be tracked.  For attacks on humans and/or pets please call our emergency line (9-1-1).  FVPD and OC Animal Control will be dispatched to respond. The OC Animal Care Center can also be contacted directly at (714) 935-6848 to report aggressive coyote behavior.  


NEVER hand feed or intentionally feed a coyote. 


Never feed pets outdoors; store all pet food securely indoors. 


Remove water attractants (such as pet water bowls and leaky irrigation). 


Remove all bird feeders or clean fallen seed to reduce the presence of small mammals that coyotes prefer to eat. 


Clean up fallen fruit around trees. 


Do not include meat or dairy among compost contents unless fully enclosed. 


Clean-up food around barbecue grills after each use. 


Secure all trash containers with locking lids and place curbside the morning of trash pick-up. Periodically clean cans to reduce residual odors. 


Trim vegetation to reduce hiding places and potential denning sites. 


Restrict access under decks and sheds, around woodpiles, or any other structure that can provide cover of denning sites of coyotes and their prey. 


Enclose property with an 8 foot fence (or 6-foot fence with an additional extension or roller-top) to deter coyotes. Ensure that there are no gaps and that the bottom of the fence extends underground 6 inches or is fitted with a mesh apron to deter coyotes from digging underneath. 


Never leave pets unattended. Never allows pets to play with coyotes. Fully enclose outdoor pet kennels. Walk pets on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length.


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