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Free Fabergé Egg Art Kit for Kids

by: Ana Cottle
Posted: April 6, 2020



FULLERTON...On Tuesday Mornings, parents are invited to drive-thru the Muck parking lot to pick up free art kits! This week, the program continues on April 7, from 10am-12pm with a project based on the Fabergé Egg.

Our mission remains to enrich the human spirit through the arts and our goal is to let the arts reach those for whom that access is strained. The children of this region are home with little access to schools, friends, or any other non-screen activity - and for many of the families we serve, even screens aren't available. 

The art projects are designed by Muck Master Artists Marsha Judd and Willie Tabata, and constructed by community volunteers from CSUF, with partial underwriting from their CICE program.  Additional help has been provided by one of the true angels of our community Christine Sanchez at Giving Children Hope.

Chief Education Officer Stephannie Bobadilla said of the partnerships, "This is one of those efforts that takes the entire community, and we are grateful to be surrounded by such generous and proactive partners".

To make this as safe as possible, we have taken the following precautions:

1. The kits were made days in advance so the virus wouldn't still be living on any surface.

2. Tuesday morning, all personnel, whether they touch the kits or not will be wearing gloves.
3. The kits will be left on a table for to be picked up, not handed out directly.

4. People helping with this project will have a table separating them from the car window—they will be six feet away.

As we find new ways to reach the community, CEO Farrell Hirsch remarks, "Our mission is to inspire the imagination through the arts. It doesn't say only when it's easy, or times are good".

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center, known affectionately as The Muck, is located at 1201 West Malvern Avenue, Fullerton. Photos:TheMuck

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