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Mission Viejo to explore feasibility of acquiring Casta Del Sol Golf Course for community benefit

by: Mission Viejo PIO
Posted: July 15, 2019


MISSION VIEJO...The City of Mission Viejo is looking at the feasibility of purchasing the Casta Del Sol Golf Course after the City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to direct staff to evaluate the City’s interests in preserving the golf course for public purposes by acquiring the facility.

Key issues under examination will be the condition of the course; costs to repair, renovate and enhance the facility and grounds; methods to fund the purchase; revenue and costs of the current course; and opportunities to raise revenues to help pay for the purchase. The City will also look at the interest and costs of obtaining the purchase rights from the current buyer, long-range connectivity with the trail and neighboring City recreation facilities; and the community’s vision for the property’s use.

There is much to be learned and evaluated, so the City Council and residents can be the best stewards of the City’s money. Designed in 1970, the 3,760-yard course has long been a significant community-oriented property with an emphasis on benefiting the residents and guests of the Casta Del Sol development and with general use by residents of Palmia and the entire Mission Viejo community.

The property owner placed the golf course on the market. As part of its due diligence, the City will explore the idea of preserving a golf course use, enhancing the current uses as well as potential future uses on site for wider community benefit. Photo:MVPIO

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