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Garden Grove Elks Support Garden Grove Police Dept. National Nite Out

by: Pierino Zappella
Published: August 8, 2022


GARDEN GROVE...Community Service Officers Allyson Kimberly on the left and Reyna Cruz on the right with center Stephanie Janji Americanism Chairperson show backpacks and $200 donated for raffle prizes for our Garden Grove city Police National Nite Out.


Tuesday night August 2nd had over 700 visitors to the Police Nite Out roaming the booths with families and lots of kids picking up giveaway gifts.


Three Police Volunteers running a crayon coloring contest for the kids.    Volunteers Shelley Krause and Arle Donohew are surrounding Tsuki Tsukiyama, Garden Grove Lodge Elk of the Year for 2022-2023


Demonstrating how a Police Dog engages a suspect after being released by his handler


Garden Grove SWAT TEAM moving in to capture a suspect when required


Latest addition to the Garden Grove Police Dept.  is a new Police vehicle called a " Bear Cub "



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