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Travis Allen Files Lawsuit to Overturn Attorney General’s Misleading Title and Summary for Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative

by: Maryann Marino
Posted: July 17, 2017

SACRAMENTO... Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) filed a lawsuit in Sacramento County Superior Court to overturn the Attorney General’s misleading title and summary for the Repeal the Gas Tax ballot initiative. 

“Jerry Brown’s appointed Attorney General is attempting to deceive California’s voters with a misleading title and summary for the Repeal the Gas Tax ballot initiative. Californians have a right to an honest description of the initiative, and we have filed a lawsuit today in Superior Court to make sure voters get the transparency they deserve,” said Assemblyman Allen.

“We are going to win in court because Xavier Becerra’s version of the Gas Tax Repeal’s title doesn’t even mention the word “tax” or “fee”, and completely fails to reflect the principal purpose of the initiative. Furthermore, Becerra’s version implies the elimination of an Office that doesn’t exist, and presumes that the tax will be used solely on transportation projects when there is no such legal requirement in SB 1.”

“The law is simple, it does not allow the Attorney General to mislead voters. The voters of California never got a chance to vote on Jerry Brown’s massive gas tax and car registration fee increase, and this Gas Tax Repeal will finally give them that opportunity. Jerry Brown’s hand picked Attorney General’s attempt to intentionally mislead California voters will be stopped in court,” concluded Allen.

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