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by: Chris MacDonald
Posted: May 20, 2019


HUNTINGTON BEACH...A Very Happy Birthday to Huntington Surf & Sport Owner Aaron Pai.

Huntington Beach Public Works Department Project Manager Ken Dills Said: SAVE THE DATE! The City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department will have their annual Open House on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Surf City Nights in downtown Huntington Beach. We’ll have many informative and fun activities and prizes for all ages. Several pieces of our large maintenance/construction equipment will be on display and Public Works staff will be on hand to provide demonstrations and answer any questions you may have about the work we do.


From Huntington Beach City Councilman Patrick Brenden, the following are highlights from the Agenda for the upcoming City Council meeting, to be held on May 20th.

1) Study session at 4pm will offer continuing discussion about the City’s FY 2019/2020 budget.

2) The City Attorney will report on status of an initiative to explore options to challenge CalPERs (investment strategy). This was initiated by Council Member Mike Posey at a past Council meeting.

3) The City is in the process of conducting a nationwide recruitment to fill the City Manager vacancy created by former long-term City Manager Fred A. Wilson’s retirement effective May 10, 2019. Interim City Manager Lori Ann Farrell-Harrison will depart to become the City Manager of Costa Mesa effective June 7, 2019. City Council will act to temporarily appoint David Kiff as the Interim City Manager until the City Council concludes the recruitment process. Mr. Kiff recently served as Interim Executive Director of the Association of Cities and Counties-Orange County (ACC-OC). Mr. Kiff served as the City Manager of the City of Newport Beach for nine (9) years. Prior to his service to Newport Beach, Mr. Kiff has held a variety of Executive-Level assignments including, Assistant to the City Manager in the City of Orange, Executive Assistant to the Orange County Board of Supervisors, staff consultant to the California State Senate, service as a California State Senate Fellow as well as service for the California Governor’s Office of Community Relations. Mr. Kiff holds a Master of Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University - Sacramento. Mr. Kiff has served on a variety of affiliated professional boards and commissions including, Orange County City Managers Association, Orange County Commission to End Homelessness, OC Housing Finance Trust, League of Cities’ City Manager’s Task Force on Pension Reform, League of Cities’ Committee on Human Resources and Labor Relations. The hourly compensation is $128.29 with no City-provided benefits.

4) Council will consider accepting bids and authorize execution of several construction contracts with California Professional Engineering, Inc. for traffic signal modifications at seven busy intersections around the city.

5) Council will consider awarding and authorizing execution of a construction contract with PALP, Inc. dba Excel Paving Company in the amount of $2,916,192 for the Edinger Avenue Rehabilitation, Algonquin Street Rehabilitation, and Delaware Street Rehabilitation Project, CC-1575.

6) Council will consider accepting the lowest responsive and responsible bid and authorize execution of a construction contract with All American Asphalt in the amount of $3,012,239 for the Residential Overlay of Maintenance Zone 6, CC-1579; and, appropriate additional Gas Tax and Measure M funds for construction.

7) Council will consider adoption of Resolution No. 2019-24, “A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Huntington Beach Amending the City’s Classification Plan by Adding the Classification of Risk Management Analyst,” and establish the compensation. According to the Staff report, this new classification will provide the department with a new professional entry-level job classification in the Risk Management series which assists the Human Resources department in its recruitment and succession planning initiatives. The creation of this new classifications provides flexible staffing options allowing the department to implement the recruitment and selection plan that is best suited to the labor market and future staffing needs. Further, the flexible staffing option provided by the adoption of the new, entry level classification has the potential to result in cost savings.

8) Council will consider adoption of Resolution 2019-34, “A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Huntington Beach Amending Resolution No. 2007-71 to Expand the Permitted Uses of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.” On November 1, 2004, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 3687 adding Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Section 230.26 “Affordable Housing”, related to the goals and objectives of the City’s Housing Element, intended to encourage lower and median income housing. On October 15, 2007 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2007-71 establishing the annual fee and determining the permitted uses of the Affordable Housing Trust Funds pursuant to Section 230.26(E)(6). Staff is recommending that the City Council consider amending Resolution No. 2007-71 to expand the permitted uses of the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to include homeless shelters.

9) Council will consider adoption of Resolution No. 2019-38, "A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Huntington Beach Modifying Benefits for Non-Represented Employees Including the Elected City Attorney, City Clerk and City Treasurer." City Council authorization is required for a modest adjustment to the maximum monthly employer contribution towards medical benefit premiums of up to an additional $200, per employee, per month, for Non- Represented employees (sworn and non-sworn) via Resolution No. 2019-38. The annualized fiscal impact of up to an additional $200 per Non-Represented employee, per month, towards the maximum monthly employer contribution for medical premiums is estimated at $43,200. Funding for this action will be absorbed within the budget for FY 2018/19 consistent with Agreements previously approved for other bargaining unit contracts.

10) Council will consider for approval authorization of the execution of a Non-Exclusive License Agreement between the City of Huntington Beach and Continuing Development Incorporated (CDI) for the use of City-owned property located at 17241 Oak Lane for the purpose of operating child development programs. The Agreement allows CDI to secure funding from the State of California Department of Education for child development services for the Oak View neighborhood. CDI is responsible for funding all materials, supplies, insurance staffing, entitlements, permits, building maintenance, repairs, etc. CDI provides much-needed day care to the Oak View community, therefore, staff recommends approval of the new Agreement in order to continue these services.

11) In a Public Hearing item, Council will consider adopting Resolution No 2019-31 to set municipal utility rates for water meters; Adopt Resolution No 2019-32 to set municipal utility rates for water commodity charges; and Adopt Resolution 2019-30 to set municipal utility rates for sewer service charges. The City of Huntington Beach’s water rates are currently made up of three components: a commodity rate, a meter rate, and a capital charge. The commodity rate is the price per hundred cubic feet of water (ccf) - 748 gallons - one billing unit used by a customer. This rate is currently $2.1063 per ccf. The average household uses 12 billing units per month. The meter rate is a fixed monthly rate based on the size of the meter. The rate for a single family residence with a standard three-quarter inch meter is $12.70. The price increases based on the flow capacity of the meter size relative to the three-quarter inch meter, up to the largest size meter in the City’s water distribution system, a 10-inch meter, which has a monthly rate of $1,862.56. A capital charge of $3.00 is assessed each month on all three-quarter inch meters to pay for projects in the City Council approved Water Master Plan. Like the water meter rate, this rate is also based on the size of the water meter.

12) Council will consider a proposal from the City Attorney to add a new position of Chief Assistant City Attorney for a Chief Trial Counsel position and retain the classification of Senior Trial Council as an unfunded position. From the Staff report on this item; the City Attorney’s Office has two distinct divisions, i.e., advisory/government law, and, litigation and trials. Both divisions, critical to defending the City and providing the best legal representation, would benefit from positions of high level leadership in both divisions, including a new Chief Assistant City Attorney for the litigation and trials team. To that end, the City Attorney is proposing to create and fund a new Chief Assistant City Attorney, Chief Trial Counsel, to manage and oversee all trial matters, including management of all City trial work, and trial attorneys. It is proposed that both Chief Assistant City Attorneys enter into amended, updated, employment agreements with the City. The City Attorney also takes this opportunity to adjust/set the Chief Assistant City Attorney class to a slightly more competitive compensation. Currently, the Chief Assistant City Attorney compensation range is $12,315.33 to $15,255.07/month. The Non-Associated Resolution establishes compensation and benefits for non-associated employees, including the position of City Attorney and Chief Assistant City Attorney. After a study of comparable salaries, it is proposed that compensation for the position of City Attorney be $117.63/hour or $244,671.00/annum and Chief Assistant City Attorney be modified to a range of $12,938.02 to $16,026.40/month. All other benefits will remain consistent with that contained within the current NA Resolution. It is also proposed as part of this RCA, that the City Attorney compensation be adjusted, not only to account for the reduced compensation he initially voluntarily agreed to in 2014, but to reflect the outstanding legal work that has been accomplished for the taxpayers over the last four and a half years.

13) Council will consider adopting Resolution No. 2019-33 to modify the compensation of the Elected City Treasurer to more appropriately align it with the responsibilities and duties of the position and bring it into alignment with comparable positions within the City. According to the Staff Report, the City Charter for the City of Huntington Beach calls for an Elected City Treasurer. The current City Treasurer was appointed to the position in March 2011, elected in November 2012, and then re-elected in November 2016. During the past eight years, the City Treasurer has not received a step increase from the original hiring date. The City Charter requires that the compensation of the Elected City Treasurer be modified only by an action of the City Council. City Council authorization is requested to modify the compensation of the City Treasurer to more appropriately align it with the responsibilities and duties, and bring it into alignment with comparable positions within the City.

14) Council will consider a proposal to create a new Assistant Chief Financial Officer position. According to the Staff Report, City Council authorization is required to add the classification of Assistant Chief Financial Officer as an at-will position. This request has a net neutral budget impact. The new Assistant Chief Financial Officer position has a salary range of $138,403 to $171,475. The Finance department will fund the cost by eliminating a vacant Senior Finance Analyst position, and utilizing savings from the previously approved downgrade of the Finance Manager-Fiscal Services position to a Principal Finance Analyst. The remaining cost will be funded by minor reductions in supplies and materials (account no. 100.35.206). This action does not increase the Department’s Table of Organization.


Huntington Beach City Councilwoman Kim Carr Said: Kim Invites you to The Aids Walk on Saturday June 1st that she'll be participating in. You can learn more at:


Huntington Beach FD Marine Safety Division Chief Mike Baumgartner Said: The agreement with WeatherFlow is to host weather monitoring equipment at Tower Zero that they purchase and install. The station will provide real-time weather information as part of a larger network of weather stations to WeatherFlow which is then forwarded to the National Weather Service to improve weather forecasting and reporting. WeatherFlow will provide this real-time weather information to the lifeguards in Tower Zero. The installation and maintenance of the weather equipment is borne solely by the company; at no cost to the city. This agreement will reduce our costs for purchasing and maintaining our own weather station and will upgrade the quality of our current system by adding a water temperature monitoring component.


Huntington Beach City Historian Jerry Person Said: Remembering one Empowered Woman - Education was one of the main items that the founding fathers of the United States addressed in their new country. The founding fathers considered education of prime importance in a free society. In the late 1800s a new voice came upon the scene that promoted education of women and girls that empowered women to continue their education passed the 8th grade. Many more women were now attending colleges and universities. In 1881 the American Association of University Women was formed and branches grew throughout the nation. Over the years the organization has taken strong positions on social, economic and political issues. One empowered lady from Richmond, VA who had become a member of that organization in the 1960s held those same ideals. When she and her husband moved to Huntington Beach she regretted that there wasn’t a local chapter in Huntington Beach and so she decided she was going to do something about that right now and that empowered woman was Charlene Bauer. Bauer talked to friends and neighbors about forming a branch here and found they were in favor of having a branch too. Bauer placed a story in the Huntington Beach News to see what other women thought of the idea. Bauer’s phone began ringing off the hook and so in August of 1968 the first unofficial meeting took place to form a Huntington Beach branch. Completing all the necessary paperwork that the national headquarters requires, an official charter was issued on November 7, 1968. State membership chair Mrs. Elwood Johnson helped guide the new branch through those first few months.Charlene Bauer was chosen the branch’s first president. In the next couple of years membership chair Lucille Horner reported that membership has more then doubled in size. A lifetime bond of fellowship of college and university graduates formed. The chapter aided women who were working on their doctoral thesis or their post doctoral work. As the branch grew, so did the many programs it sponsored and that meant fundraising was necessary. The group became large enough to be able to send some of its members to the California State Convention in May of 1970 that was held at the El Cortez Hotel in San Diego. Attending that first big San Diego event to represent the Huntington Beach chapter were Charlene Bauer, Norma Gibbs, Kaye Willette, Alice Morris and Lucille Horner. Since those early 70s, Charlene Bauer has volunteered on many Huntington Beach boards, city events and organizations and even helped her husband Ralph when he became councilman and mayor of Huntington Beach. Today the branch is still going strong with members from not only Huntington Beach, but also Fountain Valley and Westminster and to think this all began with one Huntington Beach empowered woman, Charlene Bauer. You can contact Jerry with your questions at: .

He also gives tours of The Newland House at 19820 Beach Boulevard in Huntington Beach on the first and third Saturday & Sunday of the Month from Noon to 4pm. Tours cost $2 each aduly and $1 for children.

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