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Monarch Trail, zoning change, June 25

by: Dan Jamieson
Published: June 18, 2024


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Just wanted to let supporters of the Monarch Nature Trail know of proposed zoning changes for the trail property between Rancho Rd. and Springdale St. (and the section on the other side of Springdale as well.)

The city of HB is making the change to conform with the overall General Plan, per state law. Multiple open sites in the city are impacted, not just the Trail.

THERE IS NO DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL for the trail property, just a zoning change. The new zoning would be "PS", Public and Semi-Public, from the current "IL", Light Industrial. PS would include open space--which is what we want to keep!! Both zoning categories include a variety of permitted uses.

There has been some concern that the new zoning would open up more uses, but the narrow trail (75 feet wide) would make any development other than open space difficult.

Nevertheless, we must stay involved! On June 25, the HB Planning Commission (PC) is having a meeting on the proposed changes. The PC got push back at its May meeting from residents in other sections of the city, and delayed approving the changes then.

Please contact the Planning Commission at,, and let them know we want the Monarch Trail kept as open space!

You may want to note that the Trail is listed as Example 14 on city staff's PowerPoint presentation--the railroad parcel between Springdale and Rancho--where volunteers of all ages and Master Gardeners have been active in maintaining the site, introducing native plants, attracting butterflies and wildlife, and improving the Trail for the many walkers, runners, bikers and dog-walkers who enjoy the open space! Also, it's worth noting that in 2017, the city proposed storing 900 cars on the site for an auto dealer, so we are very sensitive to any changes on the site. (Personally, I am not opposed to the zoning change.)

You can also attend and speak at the June 25 meeting, 6pm, at the Civic Center on Main St., lower level in the council chambers.

FYI, here's the agenda from the May PC meeting, which will likely be carried over to the June 25 meeting. It has details on the zoning changes.

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