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"B" Sure to Install Water Safety Barriers to Prevent Drownings

by: Yorba Linda PIO
Published: August 8, 2022



ORANGE COUNTY...In the ABCs of Drowning Prevention, "B" stands for barriers! Right now is a great time to Identify your risks and have multiple barriers in place to keep children and adults safe and separated from all water sources. Barriers buy time and offer protection if they are installed correctly and are in good working condition. The more barriers you install and maintain, the safer your family will be. Options include:

Non-Climbable Fences

  • Install a 4-sided isolation fence tall enough (4-5 feet) to prevent children from climbing over;
  • Make sure the bottom of the fence is close enough to the ground to prevent a child from crawling under; and
  • Ensure patio furniture is kept away from the fence so a child cannot use the items to climb over the fence.

Self-Closing or Latching Gates
  • Install a self-closing or self-latching gate with a locking mechanism;
  • Gates should be installed so that they open outward, away from the pool; and
  • Regularly inspect gates for damages to ensure they operate correctly.


Pool and Spa Covers
  • Purchase and use a pool and spa cover to protect children and pets; and
  • Covers for the pool and spa act as a "horizontal fence" should children or pets get near the water.


  • Installing alarms on your doors, windows, and the pool is important in case a child or pet comes in contact with water unexpectedly;
  • Child wristband alarms and pet collars are available for additional protection. The base alarms are triggered as soon as the child or pet gets it wet, alarming others in the area; and
  • Purchase and use portable alarms that can be used at any pool, residential, or community.


Indoor Barriers
  • A child can drown in less than two inches of water. Purchase and install indoor barriers such as toilet latches, baby gates, and child-safe doorknob handle covers to ensure children cannot get into any rooms where water can be accessed.


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