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OCFA Fire Safety Awareness

by: OCFD
Published: May 23, 2022


ORANGE COUNTY...Our homes’ attic and roof vents are designed to remove moisture and condensation during cooler months and excess heat in warmer months. However, in the event of a wildfire, these vents can also be entrances for burning embers.

Once inside, embers can ignite construction materials and other flammable items, allowing a wildfire to enter the attic or crawl spaces long before flames ever reach your home.

The Orange County Fire Authority encourages residents to cover these vents with 1/8-inch metal non-combustible mesh screens to protect your home while still removing moisture and reducing heat.

For additional information and wildfire preparedness resources, please visit the OCFA website or call (714) 573-6774 to schedule a wildfire home assessment.


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