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by: Chris MacDonald
Posted: September 24, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...A Happy Birthday to the following people. They are: PK Real Estate Owner Diana Perna, Huntington Beach Calvary Chapel Of The Harbour Member JJ Hawkins, Huntington Beach Visit HB Pier Kiosk Employee Kevin Keller and Huntington Beach Visit HB President Kelly Miller.

Huntington Beach Public Works Department Director Travis Hopkins Assistant Kirsty Wapner Said: Shea Homes / Parkside Estates Development - Update. Model Homes Grand Opening: The model homes will be open on Saturday, September 22.

Sewer Lift Station: Southern California Edison is scheduled to set the transformer this week. The meter has been released by the City. The station testing, utilizing potable water, is scheduled to begin next month. Upon successful testing, the sewer lift station will be tied in to the new force main and a 30-day operational test will begin. Demolition of the existing lift station and abandonment of the existing force main will occur after the successful 30-day operational testing and acceptance by the City of the new facility.

Stormwater System - Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB): The new RCB, which crosses underneath the Wintersburg Channel and empties into the Slater Channel, has been completed. That portion of the levy, which runs over the new RCB, will be restored within the next two weeks. All work within the County’s channel right-of-way, including the cofferdam removal, will be completed mid-October.

Indianapolis Avenue Rehabilitation - As part of Huntington Beach's annual arterial paving initiative, the City just completed the roadway rehabilitation work on Indianapolis Avenue between Beach Blvd and Newland Ave. The contractor will first replace any concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks will be evaluated and determined to be unsound by the engineer. Once this hardscape work has been completed, the contractor will transition into the roadway rehabilitation phase of work, in this case, applying the 'full depth reclamation process' as specified by engineering. The advantage with using this process results in construction cost savings resulting from the re-use of existing asphalt and soil materials, less trucking, and shorter project durations. This process includes pulverizing the failed asphalt concrete, mixing it with aggregate base, add cement to the mix, allow 1 day for curing followed by placing the base and final cap of fiber reinforced asphalt concrete (FRAC). This phase entails adjusting manholes, monitoring wells, survey monuments, and water valve assemblies to grade followed by traffic loops and striping installation. Whenever arterial paving is planned to occur near school facilities, it’s always a Public Works goal to have the work scheduled either before or around non-school days.

Huntington Beach Mayor Mike Posey Said: Join Mayor Mike Posey and Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize for a content rich legislative update at their next joint fundraiser scheduled for September 27th at 5:00 p.m. at Laird Coatings, 15632 Commerce Ln., HB. Mayor Mike Posey and Councilwoman Barbara Delgleize will provide an overview of accomplishments achieved during their first term in office and hope to earn your support for another term. Both are on the ballot for re-election to the Huntington Beach City Council.

Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tempore Erik Peterson Said: Happy Constitution Day! Created on September 17, 1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788, the Constitution of the United States of America stands as one of the most important documents ever created. It established a form of government only talked about and it produced a Nation that has done more for the world than any other. The United States and the American people have held a special place in the world. We are the land of opportunity. We give hope for humanity through our citizen’s unsurpassed charity and governmental support evidenced by the enormous amount of humanitarian aid provided around the world. Americans value personal and economic freedom. Our Constitution was designed giving the federal government limited power so that most of the power would reside with the people through the States. When I joined the Marines, I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe in limiting government so that people can be free to enjoy and live their lives without an intrusive, oppressive government telling them what to do. On this Constitution Day, let's remember what our founders provided us and continue to work towards the goal of limited government.

From Huntington Beach City Councilman Patrick Brenden, the following is a recap of highlights from the recent City Council meeting held on September 17th.

STUDY SESSION ITEMS: 1) Shared Mobility Devices. Staff presented research findings for their study of shared mobility devices such as bikes and eScooters. A few weeks ago, Council enacted a 120-day moratorium on such devices to allow staff adequate time to assess the pros and cons and bring back this study with recommendations. Their recommendation at the meeting was to continue the moratorium while the industry works out some challenges including sidewalk congestion, public safety, and geo-fencing technology. Staff reported that a moratorium could be extended for an additional 10 months but that a permanent ban would be required at the end of the moratorium period. Following discussion amongst Councilmembers, Staff was directed to return with an ordinance to impose a prohibition. Should the industry resolve all of Council’s concerns at some point in the future, this prohibition could be lifted and a new ordinance with appropriate regulations could be implemented.

2) Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Staff presented information related to the expansion of EV charging infrastructure on both private and public property. State law requires that cities enact a streamlined permitting process for private property locations and staff will be bringing that back to Council in the next couple of months. On public property, Council decided to take a wait and see approach.

REGULAR SESSION ITEMS: 1) Council approved the purchase of one new fire engine and one new ambulance.

2) Council approved a contract with the City of Westminster for continued use of their Firearm Training Facility.

3) In a public hearing about the Downtown Business Improvement District, Council voted unanimously to change the boundaries to exclude Pacific City and the resorts between Pacific City and Beach Blvd. The removal of these businesses from the BID will result in a slight reduction in the BID operating budget. These businesses argued that the assessments they have been paying into the Downtown BID are used exclusively for services and events on Main Street. This includes security, maintenance and hospitality services which, at Pacific City, are provided and paid for by the property owner. Council voted to renew the BID for another year, excluding Pacific City merchants and the three resort hotels.

4) Council voted to make changes to management positions within the Community Development Department to allow the City Manager to execute an Employment Agreement with one of the senior managers within the department.

5) In an item brought forward by Mayor Pro Temp Peterson and Councilwoman Semeta, Council voted 6-1 to direct the City Attorney to provide Council with a proposal for increased investigations of in-home businesses.

6) In an item brought forward by Councilwoman Delgleize and Councilman Brenden, Council voted 7-0 to authorize the establishment of a permanent Jet Noise Commission (JNC) to continue the work already begun by the Adhoc Air Traffic Noise Working Group (ATNWG). The ATNWG, meeting since January 31, 2018, accomplished all of the objectives it was given and this new JNC will allow the City to continue working on solutions to increased jet noise over our city.

Huntington Beach City Clerk Robin Estanislau Said: At the September 17, 2018 City Council meeting, Mayor Mike Posey presented a proclamation to City Clerk Robin Estanislau that proclaimed Tuesday, September 25, 2018 as Citywide Voter Registration Day. Clerk Estanislau discussed recent efforts to promote voter registration at Surf City Nights downtown on Tuesdays, and in recognition of Citywide Voter Registration Day on September 25, members of her staff will visit local high school campuses and partner with students to encourage voter registration.

Mark Your Calendars: Huntington Beach Disaster Preparedness Expo at The Huntington Beach Central Library - 7111 Talbert Avenue. On Saturday September 29th from 10AM to 2PM. Hosted by The Huntington Beach Fire Department Cert Program. Questions: (714) 536-5979.

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