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Please feed the wildlife or homeless correctly

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: November 29, 2021



HUNTINGTON BEACH...As humans for don't wish to see any of the homeless go hungry. Many at this Thanksgiving time are tempted to leave food outside for those homeless street people.

This noble gesture does come with its own faults.

Not every one you see and think as homeless is really homeless.

The HB News talked to a man walking his small dog and who recently became homeless because of the high rent in surf city.

The man pointed to a "homeless man" he knows in the distance, "see that guy, he lives in an nice apartment over there, but dresses up to look homeless to get people to feel sorry for him and to donate money and food to him," the man said.

"I now spend my daytime by one of the lifeguard towers and at night me and my dog sleep in my old car," he said.


Last Saturday, November 27th. some good citizen or group left food on the benches by the Main Street post office, which is nice, but some homeless after finishing the food either leave or throw the container on the ground where flies, insects, mosquitoes can breed and in someplaces larger animals like coyotes and dogs feed. Some places like the PO there are trash cans within a few feet away, but throwing on the ground or leaving it sit is easier.

Many homeless are afraid to eat food thinking it might be poisoned and leave it for others to clean-up.

If you really want to help the homeless, drop off canned foods at food shelters like Robyne's Nest or neighborhood churches.


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