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by: Chris MacDonald
Published: June 18, 2024


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Huntington Beach Assistant City Clerk Juan Esquivel provided a link to the next Huntington Beach City Council Meeting on Tuesday June 18th, 2024. Click on this link

Cheryl Coleman at Keller Williams Realty presents: Learn how to take advantage and understand California Propositions and why they are so very important. Also an update on what's happening in the City with Natalie Moser from the Huntington Beach City Council. We even have Free Pie and Coffee for your enjoyment. Free parking and handicap parking. Ask questions, get some valuable advice and contribute your own ideas plus find out what is happening in Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach. You don't have to live in Huntington Beach or Sunset Beach to join us. Everyone is invited to participate. Thursday, June 20th at 5:00 PM at Location: 2130 Main Street, Suite 120, Huntington Beach. It's free. Rsvp by texting Cheryl at: (714) 717-1728.

Huntington Beach City Historian Jerry Person Said: Remember When - Remembering William "Bill" Siracusa

It's been a quarter of a century since we lost of its early residents, but there are still some longtime residents that remember him and this week we are going to remember William "Bill" Siracusa and how he overcame many of life's hardships.

Siracusa was a native of Huntington Beach, having been born here on June 28, 1928. He was the son of Sisti and Catherine Siracusa and came from a family of five children, three brothers- Dante, Ernest and Louis and one sister Isabelle.

Bill would never let the cerebral palsy he had dampen his spirits for even though he had been disabled with it from birth, he always tried to do things that everyone else did.

Siracusa lived with his parents at 835 Main Street for a good deal of his life. His brother Dante and Dante's wife Dora lived at 829 Main. The Siracusas were a close-knit family, always ready to help people and each other in time of need.

Bill attended school here and graduated from Huntington Beach High and continued his education at Orange Coast College and while at Orange Coast he became friends with an instructor, Dudly Boyce, who would go on to become Golden West College's first president.

Many years ago I surprised Bill with an historic gift. I had purchased several valentines from the Moore estate and in the collection were two valentines that Bill had given to one of the Moore girls some 50 years previously. Needless to say he was surprised.

It was not unusual to see Bill riding his electric scooter up and down Main Street talking to old friends.

Bill's neighbor remembers seeing Bill, his dad Sisti and their dog Pompii riding around town.

The neighbor also remembers when Bill's mother was still alive and the good food dishes she would fix for her family and friends. She especially remembered the big parties they would have on the Fourth of July and of the smell of the rich pasta sauces coming from across the street.

Bill always tried to help people. One time Bill volunteered to let a lady stay in one of his apartments rent-free. He would take her to musical events for he loved all types of music. He knew the words and music to every major opera and attended most of the opera series at the Performing Arts Center.

Before his passing you could find Bill stopping by the old Huntington Inn for a drink and to kid the waitresses there and when the Waterfront Hilton opened, he was there joking with the waitresses and bartenders.

Local residents were sorry when Bill had to move in 1993.

Bill's broad smile ceased to brighten Huntington Beach when he passed on November 20, 1998, but his memory will always live on.


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