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by: Chris MacDonald
Posted: June 14, 2021


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Huntington Beach Public Works Director Sean Crumby's Executive Assistant Kirsty Bacon Said: Water Main Break – June 9, 2021 - The Public Works Department's Utilities Division responded to Playa Drive at Islander Lane for a reported water main break on June 9th at approximately 11AM. Public Works crews immediately secured the location and reached out to impacted property owners in-person and via social media. The area was excavated and a break was located in a six-inch water main. Crews worked well into the evening hours completing repairs to the water main. Repairs to the street surface will be scheduled as soon as possible. No injuries or damages to private property were reported.

From the Desk of Huntington Beach Mayor Pro-Tem, Barbara Delgleize -

A great way to start the month of June, I attended my nieces graduation in San Francisco.  It was a wonderful weekend.  Since my last note to you, I was chosen by my peers to be the new Mayor Pro-Tem.  I am very honored, excited and proud to serve our city in this position.

For our next City Council meeting, Tuesday, June 15th, starting time of 6pm are now in person and continue on-line as well.

Mayor Carr to Receive a Certificate of Recognition from Rick Rowe of Huntington Beach Hospital for City's Partnership on Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Pods.

City Manager, Oliver Chi, will provide reports on the Downtown Shuttle Service Launch and on Civic Center Project Update.

Our city clerk, Robin Estanislau, will have a Presentation of Historic 4th of July video clips archived through the California Revealed State Library Initiative.

Approve the reappointments of Kathie Schey, Duane Wentworth, Amory Hanson, and Mark Zambrano for an additional term of the Historic Resources Board of Trustees, effective July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2025. Approve reappointments of George Rivera and Cindy Vellucci and City Council/Public Financing AGENDA June 15, 2021 Authority appointment of Dianne Thompson to the Personnel Commission, as recommended by Council Liaisons, Mayor Kim Carr and Councilmember Mike Posey Recommended Action: Approve the reappointments of George Rivera and Cindy Vellucci, and the appointment of Dianne Thompson to the Personnel Commission for the term of July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023, as recommended by the Council Liaisons to the Personnel Commission. 

At our Special City Council meeting this evening, which was held for Determination of City Council Vacancy Appointment Process Recommended Action: 

Finalize the City Council vacancy appointment process to include application submittals, introductory interviews, and final deliberation and selection by the City Council. 

Applications will be available on Friday, June 11th, after 12pm on the city website: All applications should be turned in no later than Friday, June 18th by 5pm.  Should you have questions regarding the application, please contact City Clerk, Robin Estanislau at 714-536-5227.  In the event, that this process doesn't result in a successful candidate the city will move to have a special city election.

Our Huntington Beach Police Department, held their Employee Awards for 2021.  The event was "In Loving Memory of Don Howell" who just recently passed on June 2, 2021.  Don had a very successful 48 year career in law enforcement.  Welcoming comments by Chief Julian Harvey and Awards Presentation done by Captain Jon Haught.  Our entire community is so grateful to the men and women of the Huntington Beach Police Department.

Our July 4, 2021, 9pm, 2021 Fireworks Over the Ocean will still take place...2021 Decorating Contest will open for entries from June 12 – June 28.  Decorate your home or business and be eligible to win one of 5 coveted "surfboard" awards and for the storefront, a cash prize.  Homeowners and Businesses must register online between June 12th to 30th.  All entered homes and businesses must be within Huntington Beach city limits.  To complete entry registration, a min of 1/max of 3 photos are to be submitted for each entry via website submission form.  Website: Enjoy your June and see you at the beach., all the best, Barbara.

From Patrick Brenden, Bolsa Chica Conservancy CEO...As you may have seen in the news, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve suffered a terrible tragedy last month when illegally flown drones crashed into the nesting island of the Elegant Terns, causing a mass abandonment by some 3,000 Terns, leaving behind 1,500-2,000 eggs that were rendered unviable. Rules at the BCER prohibit drones and wardens from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are responsible for enforcement. Those wardens have a difficult job when it comes to this task, as drones can be controlled from long distance, making it hard to locate the violators.

A zero tolerance policy means that citations are issued whenever possible. It's likely that people who violate the drone prohibition don't realize the potential damage they can cause especially during nesting season. The same is true for dog and bike prohibitions in the BCER. These rules are there for good reason.

The Reserve is a sanctuary for wildlife of all sorts and these prohibitions ensure the viability of this precious ecosystem. To help visitors understand the importance of prohibitions, the Bolsa Chica Conservancy has launched a fundraising campaign to provide better signage that explain, in an educational tone, why the rules exist in the first place. If you would like to contribute to this campaign, you may do so on our website ( Please note that your donation is designated for signage at the BCER to ensure that your contribution is reserved for this project. Thank you.


Huntington Beach City Historian Jerry Person Said - Remembering When - 

The Vanished Block

Today if you have ever turned of Pacific Coast Highway onto Fifth Street in downtown Huntington Beach and driven it to Orange Avenue where it ended may not have realized that the street continued on and that there was a 400 block to Fifth Street.

Townsquare now occupies at what had once been the 400 block that ran from Orange Avenue curving into Main Street where Sixth Street is today. That small street that runs from Main Street to Lake Street is now named Sixth Street, but was originally named Fifth Street.

The biggest part of the 400-block was occupied by our old Civic Center with our City Hall and Memorial Hall buildings on the north side and commercial businesses on its south side. Across that street at what once was 408-410 Fifth you had Schaefer Plumbing in 1924 and Unity Publications in 1927.

By the 1950s it was a residence and to later become a commercial structure that housed a travel agency named Travel Desk of California in 1967 along with R.D. Bryant's Bail Bonds and Serra Bail Bonds with a Mr. Renaldo. 

Remember that the old city jail was across the street in the City Hall building. By 1977, Pullman Property Management along with movie producer James Flocker Enterprises and Cinema Properties located in that building..

In the early 1980s Chris Taylor's Taylor Real Estate office and Seair Properties occupied that building along with Charles "Cluck" Colstadt"s company that also sold real estate. Colstadt lived on Main Street and I used to see him walking to work quite often.

In late 1986 long time Realtor Pam Cooper moved her real estate office from 213 Main Street to this location. She was there less than two years, for in 1988 the building was demolished to make way for redevelopment and Townsquare Condos.

Believe it or not our downtown had just about every type of small businesses that a community needed, markets, banks, drug stores, cafes, mens and ladies clothing stores, beauty salons for milady, service stations, new car dealers, etc.

At 416-Fifth and for many, many years we even had a tire shop, Moore's Tire supplied tires and fixed flats for just about everyone of our residents in the 1960s. In the mid1960s it became Bill's Tire in '66 who sold tires and inner tubes and the last tenant was Ken's Tire in '83 before it too was also demolished.

Next to the tire shop at 420-Fifth stood an auto body and paint shop run by Roy Craig who ran it there during World War II and how many remember the Pence Brothers Auto Body with Harry Pence who ran it after the war.

Erv's Body Shop and Garage run by Erwin Balch had his grand opening on May 21, 1951 and Jim Briggs's Body Shop was there in 1952. Brigg's also owned the Ford dealership at 225 Fifth Street. Balch continuing running the business until Nelson Auto Service took it over in the early 1960.

B&Z Imports was the last business to occupy the building and was there from 1967 until it was closed in the 1980s for redevelopment. Zoran Imports was run by Zoran Kac who repaired Mercedes Benz cars. Zoran then moved to a place on Talbert Avenue.

A few weeks ago we learned that the last business to occupy 426 Fifth Street was Gus & Andy's H.B. service station in that triangle lot. Other stations at the location included The Triangle Service station of C. Lillibridge and B. Caplin served gas to a war rationed Huntington Beach in '43 and Ira Stone and Guy Lewis did same in 1944. The 1950s saw Myers Triangle then C.E. Frishholz Service then L.E. Prinslow's Triangle Service and Mac's Mobil.

Today there is nothing left of the 400 block except old photos and old memories of a block that vanished forever and is now becomes a part of Huntington Beach's rich history.

You can e-mail Jerry your questions at:

Huntington Beach News 18582 Beach Blvd. #236 Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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