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Mission Viejo Sports Memorabilia Exhibit at the Library

by: Mission Viejo Library
Posted: June 16, 2018

MISSION VIEJO...A new exhibit at the Mission Viejo Library features the fascinating history and memorabilia of Mission Viejo sporting events.  It was created by longtime resident Art Villalovos, who co-chairs the Heritage Committee and used to work for the Mission Viejo Company.

Sports are an important pastime for this community, and our City is recognized for world-class sports facilities, fields and picturesque Lake Mission Viejo. Hosting big sporting events was a successful marketing tool used by the Mission Viejo Company to attract future homebuyers to a growing community in the late 60s through the 80s.

Some of the events featured in the exhibit include:

  • The birth of the Nadadores
  • Miller High Life Cycling Race
  • Los Angeles Invitational Swim Meet of Champions @ Mission Viejo
  • CBS “Challenge of the Sexes”
  • Virginia Slims Tennis Tournaments
  • Seventeen Magazine Tennis Tournament of Champions
  • American Cup Diving Championships
  • Outdoor Diving Championships
  • Seals and Crofts Amateur Golf Tournament
  • U.S. Invitational Disco Championships at Mission Viejo Skateway
  • Junior & Senior World Championships at Lake Mission Viejo
  • Mission Viejo Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp 
  • Can-Am-Mex Diving Championships
  • Southwest Pacific Speed Skating Championships at Mission Viejo Skateway
  • Mission Viejo’ Turning Seven-up 5K/10K Run

Stop by and see the exhibit on display through August 10 in the first two cases by the library’s check-out counter at 100 Civic Center.

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