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Buena Park Elks Lodge No. 2046 presents Classics Under the Antlers Car Show

Posted: April 5, 2021


BUENA PARK...Buena Park Elks Lodge has slowly come back from the nationwide lockdown and is inviting car show enthusiasts to their Classics Under the Antlers Car Show.

The Lodge has long missed their car shows held at the Elks parking lot in Buena Park before Covid. They are back on the first Friday of every month and doing their own show chaired by Wayne Rollins. Friday, April 2nd, was the first show since Covid-19 cruised in.

The Car Show was undoubtedly a tremendous success as 99 cars filled the parking lot starting at 4pm. There is no entrance fee, and it is not necessary to have a “classic”. Come to enjoy the evening and set up your own lawn chair. The Bar is open, food is plentiful. The following car show will be on May 7th.

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