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Waking up to an Ocean View for Free

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: September 9, 2019


HUNTINGTON BEACH...There are people with loads of cash from across the seas coming to Surf City USA to buy ocean front property. There are people from other states also heading to Surf City USA also to wake up in the morning with that ocean view to the west along Pacific Coast Highway.

This visitor might wake up with cold feet if he doesn't cover his feet with his blanket


But you don't need a bundle of money to wake up to that same view. You just have to be smart and can do it for free, messy, buy free.

One solution from a former city official to the homeless problem would be to use cargo containers. Cut the sides on one side of each, weld then together, remove doors and add a wooden facade with a real door and window to look like a small cottage. Add electric light and socket to recharge their phones or radio, air vents, hanger for their clothes, etc. Put common bathrooms and sinks in back. You could put hundreds of these units on vacant property like Ascon dump site and solve the problem with the State number of units.

You may not have an ocean view in the morning, but you'll have a cool ocean breeze and there cheap and easy to build and you bring dignity back in their lives.


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