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La Habra PD Warns Residents of Phone Scam

by: La Habra PD
Posted: April 24, 2017

LA HABRA...La Habra Police Department would like to make area residents aware of a phone scam currently being utilized. Persons contacted are being told they are subject to an arrest warrant and are being pressured to pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars.

In the past few weeks, the department has learned of two instances in which a caller falsely represents himself as a La Habra police officer. The caller, manipulating caller ID, makes the number they are calling from appear to come from the police department or the City of La Habra. Potential “victims” are told that they have an outstanding warrant for an unpaid debt. They are threatened with arrest if it is not immediately resolved.

The caller attempts to convince the individual they are speaking with that they need to make a payment to facilitate an out of court resolution. They are given an alternate phone number, with an 844 area code, to call and arrange payment.

“Police don't notify people about arrest warrants by phone and they don't accept money to clear them,” said La Habra Police Chief Jerry Price. "While these scams try to make this as convincing and as frightening as possible, don’t be fooled, and never pay.”

Please contact the La Habra Police Department at (562) 383-4300, if you have been the victim of this scam through the loss of money or have additional suspect information.

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