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Cruisin' Surf City

by: Jerry Person
Posted: September 20, 2021



HUNTINGTON BEACH...Up in the northern part of Huntington Beach a cruising group of muscle and classic vehicles headed for their final spot on the day's junket.

Early morning September 19th, hundreds of hot rods and muscles vehicles finished up their monthy run at the southern part of the Newland Shopping Center on Beach Boulevard.


Lines of cars also filled the La Petite Academy's small parking area next to the historic Newland House Museum.


Throughout the early morning the entered the center, reving the engines and giving their mufflers a workout.

L-R: Chelsea Lamb and Rob MacDonald of Qruisin HB with hats and patches for sale


This is a monthy event for those who like to drive a powerful car and usually surf city in their final destination.


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