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German Day celebrated at Old World Huntington Beach

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: July 15, 2019

HUNTINGTON BEACH...A long line encircled the Old World Beer Garden Sunday afternoon, July 14th in celebration of their annual German Day festival. For the firs 500 or maybe a little more received free plate of German food for free.

German Day is an annual event that Joe Bischof has celebrated since opening the village in 1978. Today his son Bern and daughter Cyndie have taken over the responsibility of running the restaurant and the annual events.

Each year the line for the food grows longer and the food tastier. There's no small portions here on people's plates.

For the past 30+ years "The Herbmeister," Herb Swartz, has acted as its master of ceremonies as he sings along with the music of a brass band. Swartz has even been known to hit the dance floor to do the Chicken Dance.

Swartz is also the image that people remember most of Oktoberfest at Old World each year.

The members of the German American Brass Band played many of the old songs that that people remember. The Donau Schwaben Dancers were a treat as they performed in their liederhosen the Slap Dance.

Kids enjoy the music of the German American Brass Band


The Donau Schwaben Dancers


For many who came over here from Europe in the 1950s and 60s, German Day is a time to rekindle fond memories of the past and connect with old friends.

Old World Soccer Team relax after a game


Along with German Day, the dog races of cute Dachshunds races on a track, their tiny paws running as fast as they could. It is also the home of the Old World Soccer Team that plays at Talbert Middle School on Sunday mornings.

The next event for Old World Huntington Beach is Plum Fest on August 25th.

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