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Homecoming District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

by: Pierino “Zap” Zappella
Posted: October 19, 2020

GARDEN GROVE...This month the Garden Grove Lodge will have the Drive Thru Santa Maria Style BBQ on Halloween. Starts at 11 AM until we sell out.


This last Thursday night  the Garden Grove Elks Lodge held the Homecoming of the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler of the Orange Coast District where red coats were worn by the lodge officers and the distinguished honored guests wore white dinner jackets. This was an exceptional night since this is the 2nd District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler from the Garden Grove Elks Lodge, previously David Skelton. Jim Anderson, this year’s District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler was the center of attention and highly honored and showered with gifts and gave an inspirational update on the status of our district. Jim is also an associate member of all the lodges in our district but also an associate member of two lodges outside our district. He really is the poster boy of Elkdom for our district.

In attendance was Terry Bradshaw (cutout) since Jim is a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan as a custom chicken coop was created for him at the stage.Jim has a personality of no equal (always with a joke and always having fun) and a good sport with him accepting his chicken coop and  being the center attention. Surrounded by chickens and his staff  the lodge also gave him a definite truly “Lavish” gift of an autographed Terry Bradshaw signed min-helmet. Hats off to How “Sweet it Is” Jim Anderson.     


Last week at the Garden Grove Police Memorial the Firefighter of the Year was awarded to J.D. Baranger with Elks Dee Manthey and Judy Bainto.


The Police Officer of the Year was awarded to Officer John Yergler (unable to attend) and accepting the award are fellow officers Sgt. Jon Wainwright, Master Officer Amad Zmija, with Judy Bainto Elk Chaplain, Officer Derek Link, Officer Patrick Julienne and Officer Rene Baraza


Garden Grove Elk members had a deep sea fishing trip where masks were required when the boat was stationary for fishing, but masks could be removed with the boat moving with the fresh ocean air blowing in their faces. Pictured with fish  (left: right)  Dina Cupping, Michael L. Wight Elk Head Tiler,  John Miller IV  Elk of the Year, Brian “Howdy” Kiefer, and Paul Toepel.



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