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The Annual Veterans Day Car Show

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: November 12, 2018


HUNTINGTON BEACH...This year's annual Veteran's Day car show attracted a much larger number of car buffs, restorers, and families on Sunday, November 11, 2017 across from the Waterfront Hilton Hotel on Pacific Coast Highway.

Rows of muscle cars, classic 1940s and 50s vehicles and custom vehicles lined the city's Huntington Street parking lot near the historic Huntington Beach pier.

The free event brought parents with their young children to show them the vehicles that they grew up with and drove when they attended high school. For many in high school auto shop was their best class.

Three food trucks were available to feed the hungry event crowd. Chairs and tables were set aside for some to rest and have a snack.

Corner of Knoxville and Beach Blvd in the 1960s notice its 29¢ a gallon, and cigs at 22¢ a pack and $2.20 a carton


Many car owners were more than willing to talk about their cars and where the located their prized vehicle, how many hours they spent restoring it and the fun they have driving it around and telling the kid that gas in those days were thirty cents a gallon, something they will never see.

Old-timers related to the youngsters how gas stations in his day only had two pumps, one for regular and the other for super.

But this was more than just a regular car show, Saturday's event was a show to remember all our veterans and there were booths set up with information about programs of interest to them.

John Palomares with his 1967 Chevy Chevelle


This year longtime Huntington Beach resident John Palomares brought in his 1967 Chevy Chevelle with its muscle building horsepower under its hood.

One popular car in the event was one that a lot of drivers would like to drive on the freeways today with their two guns mounted on the hood. No the gun are not real.


The event featured Chevy Pickup truck's 100th year 1918 - 2018.

1954 Chevy pickup


The Veterans event featured cars from the 1920s, 30s, 40, 50, to todays vehicles.

Some of the more popular older vehicles were:

Phil Calina's 1935 Dodge pickup


Bob Kostka's 1942 Packard 110 convertible


Rich Hendricks' 1947 Nash Ambassador


1952 Chevy Styleline


Dave Stroud's 1956 Chevy Rel Rey


Don Nickol's 1964 Ford Fairlane


Steve Coreales' 1970 Chevy Chevette


So what to the old car restorers do best at any car show?

They sit around and talk cars


Entertainment was provided by a four-piece band

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