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Road Rage ends with four injured

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: February 20, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...You would have thought that the rain and the wintry wind would have cooled both the temperature and the temperament of some drivers, but seems not to be the case on Saturday afternoon, February 18th. at the intersection of Slater Avenue and Springdale Street in the Northwest corner.

The occupants of two vehicles, four males in one vehicle and a male and female in the other, got into a disagreement that turned into a full fledge brawl that injured three of the men and the woman.

At approximately 5 p.m. the occupants of both vehicles turned the quarrel into a road rage fray in which three of the male in one of the vehicles received stab wounds.

When the four men drove off southbound in their vehicle striking the woman that was in the other vehicle.

All though hunt in the dispute ended up in the hospital with non-life-threating injuries while the cool wintry wind continued to blow.

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