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A true Downtowner passes

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: March 21, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...In the early 1970s downtown was a very different world than it is today. Main Street was its heart and business community with nearly every kind of business that residents of downtown Huntington Beach could need.

Most of the people who lived within the 3-mile area that was Huntington Beach either knew each other or of each other.

If you lived in the downtown before the mass redevelopment, you were proud of being called a downtowner.

One of these downtowner was Clem Dominguez where he lived on Pine Street until his passing on March 14, 2017 at age 72.

For over 45+ years Dominguez has watched the downtown change, walked its sidewalks and remembered many old friends that have passed on.

From city mayors and councilmen to people who were struggling to keep their families together. Dominguez knew and talked to them about their concerns. From city development from city employees to stories about the number seven from "Ray the Fisherman."

In the early mornings, Dominguez could be found talking to these people at Terry's Coffee Shop on Main Street while sipping coffee while Terry's owner Nancy Chen kelp his cup full.

Dominguez may not have been a native Californian, having come from Long Island, New York in 1971, but after arriving in the Golden State, he embraced the relax life was was the California dream.

As the years added up and many people were retiring, Dominguez had no time for that.

He continued giving his opinions about what was good and bad about his adopted city and could be found at city council meetings expressing those opinions.

Recently Dominguez ran for city council and water commissioner. He served on the city's General Plan Update Committee and gave input on ways to develop and also to protect the city from over development.

In 2016 Erik Peterson appointed Dominguez to the city's Planning Commission Board.

But politics was only one side to Dominguez.

When not embracing or fighting city hall, Dominguez could be found either on our pier or riding his board through it. But his friends said he preferred the breaks in San Onofre, but that's another story that Clem liked to tell.

His family is planning a ceremonial service for Clem Dominguez at 3 p.m., Friday, July 7, 2017 at the beach at 13th Street.

Clem Dominguez is survived by his two children: Genevieve, 41, of Jamestown, Calif., Clem Edward, 38 of Temecula; sister Pat Nichols, of New York; ex-wife Susan Dominguez; and grandchildren Kylin Dominguez, 3, and Carver Dominguez, 1.

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