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March on President's Day

by: HB News staff writers
Posted: February 20, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Monday, February 20th, a holiday that citizens of the United States celebrate all the American presidents that over the two hundred years have made the country free to protest.

But instead of respecting the Office of the President of the United States of America came out to protest everything from illegal immigration (both for and against), black lives matters to fight toenail fungus. across our nation. Many were mocking the government officials and the office they represent

Many wrapped themselves in foreign flags in protest against American laws and legal citizens. There is a question about the organizers motivations as they held up professional-made signs and professional protesters going from one town or city to another to play up to the media.


Several of these looney tune professional protesters gathered in Triangle Park in downtown Surf City USA for a march to the pier (peaceful or otherwise).

This group composed of mostly middle-aged men and women, high school and college age students who prior to the start of the protest spent time making signs to be carried along Main Street to the pier like sheep herded by sheep herders to market, much like the Wall Street protesters of a few years ago.

Once they reached our historic pier, they were met by people who support America and their officials.

"I ran into a couple of teachers I know from OakView that were marching with signs pro immigration. The problem isn't immigration, it's the illegal part of it they don't understand." said one part-time teacher in the crowd.

Huntington Beach Police Chief Rob Handy had many officers on hand to handle any problems that might arise, but unlike a protest last week at one of our congressmen's office this march was peaceful because of the police presents.

Once they marchers finished their walk, they left and hearded to the next town before dark.

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