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Military Showers of Support event at Camp Pendleton

by: Cory Brown
Posted: February 21, 2018

FULLERTON...Fullerton Elk Lodge Veteran's Services Committee Co-Chairpersons, John Paine and Susie Myers participated in a Military Showers of Support event at Camp Pendleton, California in January, representing Fullerton Lodge. 

L-R: John Paine and Susie Myers


Over 100 people were in attendance.  Parents and expectant parents of fifty-one babies each received a large basket containing clothing and other baby items.  These gifts greatly assist military families, especially those who are in need of extra help.

Many of those attending were far from home and did not have family or friends to provide a baby shower.  Fullerton Elks is a donor to Military Showers of Support and this year donated $400 to this cause.

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