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Forever Young Band performs at Senior Center

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: February 22, 2017

HUNTINGTON BEACH...In today's youth culture most of today's music is played by young people under the age of 25. To be in a band a member is required to be under that age.

But there is one band here in Surf City USA that the requirements are a bit different in that a member must be over 60 and more likely 70, 80 or 90 or more years old.

That band is Forever Young and on Tuesday, February 21st they performed to a packed house at our new Senior Center in Huntington Beach Central Park.


Several in the band had played with famous bands of yesterday and today still have that special flair that had made them stars in their own right.


Master of Ceremonies Craig Macdonald and Sid Hallburn


Headed by Sid Hallburn, 93, a former member of the original Our Gang Comedies, the program featured Hallburn doing a mean tap dance or dancing on stage with a younger lady from the audience.

Sid Hallburn with Father Christian Mondor


Father Christian Mindor who is in his young 90s, from Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church in Huntington Beach plays the banjo and is a member of a popular national banjo club. He has played banjo with America’s Banjo King Eddie Peabody and was a member of the popular Troubadours of St. Francis.

Jimmy Noon


Jimmy Noon, also a in his young 90s, plays several reed instruments and had been an early Los Angeles television star during the 1950s when he was a member of several local bands that were featured on KTTV.

Tom Penderghast's fingers fly across the strings of his banjo


Dr. Tom Penderghast, is one of the youngsters in the band and is only in his early 80s. He is a Navy veteran and professor emeritus at Pepperdine University, has been a professional banjo/guitar player for more than 65 years. A professor for 45 years (including five at Long Beach State) helped create the Pepperdine School of Business and the world’s most innovative electronic scoreboards for the Oakland Athletics, Dallas Cowboys and others.

Frank Pangborn dances with one of the ladies in the audience


Frank Pangborn sings about Christmas in Vietnam


Frank Pangborn, a military veteran and a much-decorated U.S. Army veteran, also starred in numerous hit TV shows, such as Dallas, Murder She Wrote and Days of Our Lives. The song he wrote about serving in Vietnam during the Christmas Holiday season will bring tears to your eyes and standing ovations.

Dewey Linehan on the drums


Dewey Linehan has played drums professionally for more than 54 years. During Tuesday's show showed the audience that he still had what it takes to become a top drummer as he performed a solo number on the skins. The Boston native knew Miles Davis, Buddy Rich, B.B. King and Stan Kenton, who used to play at a famous jazz club in Boston. Linehan moved to California in 1973 and has showed off his percussionist skills at a variety of places, including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

One of the band's newest members is Roger T. Taylor, a multi-talented bass guitarist, harmonica player. Taylor is a professional tennis player, he has a hit album, “A Little Bit Country,” and has played for more than three decades with his pal, Dewey Linehan in “The Other Band.”

Frank Pangborn and Fr. Christian Mondor ham it up with "Old Bones"


In one popular number Frank Pangborn and Fr. Christian Mondor hammed it up with the rendition of "Old Bones."

Watch a program of some of the fun numbers at the Senior Center here

As the program came to a conclusion, the audience stood to sing along with God Bless America.

The band's next appearance will be on April 2nd at the Buena Park Historical Society.

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