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Spectrum Mobile Launches Innovative Anytime Upgrade and New Low-Cost Device Protection Plan

by: Pam P Collazo
Published: April 9, 2024


HUNTINGTON BEACH...Spectrum today announced the launch of two new features, delivering Spectrum Mobile customers more value, control and peace of mind. Anytime Upgrade, which is now included in the Spectrum Mobile1 Unlimited Plus data plan at no extra cost, allows new and existing customers to upgrade their phones whenever they want, as many times as they want, eliminating the traditional wait times and condition requirements associated with phone upgrades. Delivering even more value, Spectrum's new Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan offers customers device protection at a more affordable rate than competitors2.

“With the launch of Anytime Upgrade, we are providing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers with straightforward and flexible access to the latest smartphone technology,” said Danny Bowman, Executive Vice President, Product for Charter Communications, which operates the Spectrum brand. “We understand the frustration of being locked into a device or contract. This offer, along with the new Spectrum Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan, allows our customers to have the newest devices with reliable protection, so they can maximize their wireless network experience and save money.”

Spectrum Mobile Anytime Upgrade: Delivering More Value for Less

With Anytime Upgrade, Spectrum is the first mobile provider to include this level of freedom within a rate plan. While some other carriers offer early upgrades, Anytime Upgrade allows Unlimited Plus customers to get the latest device anytime without traditional waiting periods3 or early upgrade fees, providing unparalleled choice and flexibility. There is no need for customers to wait until they have paid 50% of their device payment plan balance, and customers can upgrade as many times as they want. Unlimited Plus customers, including those who bring their own device, can upgrade to any new available smart phone regardless of their device’s condition, as long as it powers on and is free of liquid damage4.

Spectrum Mobile’s Repair and Replacement Plan provides customers with coverage for broken screens, loss and theft for only $5 per month per device. The plan improves upon previous offerings, making device protection accessible to all Spectrum Mobile customers within 30 days of purchase, now including customers in New York state and those who bring their own device.

As the nation’s fastest-growing mobile provider5, Spectrum Mobile delivers exceptional value with flexible plans designed to meet various needs and budgets. In addition to enjoying new industry leading benefits like Anytime Upgrade and the Repair and Replacement Plan, Spectrum Mobile provides the fastest wireless speeds by combining WiFi and Mobile6. Spectrum Unlimited Plus plans also include 50GB of premium data, cellular video streaming up to 720p7 and free roaming in Canada and Mexico8.

More information about Anytime Upgrade and the Spectrum Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan is available at

 1Spectrum Internet required. Auto-pay required. For Unlimited/Unlimited Plus, speeds are reduced after 30/50 GB of usage per line. Restrictions apply. For details, refer to

2As compared to Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile as of Feb. 2024

3Anytime Upgrade only available for customers subscribed to Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus for one billing cycle and in good standing. Trade-in devices must be operable; if not operable then trade-in may be subject to an additional redemption fee. Must enroll in new Device Payment Plan and remain on Unlimited Plus for 2 billing cycles.

4$99 fee applies to “Beyond Economic Repair” devices

5Based on Q4 2023 subscriber data among top 3 carriers

6Based on analysis by Spectrum of Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® data for overall mobile WiFi and Cellular performance for Q4 2023 in Spectrum's cable footprint. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

7Video resolution not restricted when connected to WiFi

8Speeds reduced after 5 GB


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