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Council on Aging partners with Calif. Resources Corp. to help seniors stay safe in their homes

by: HB News staff writer
Posted: June 20, 2018

HUNTINGTON BEACH...On Wednesday, June 20th., three groups joined hands as one to help out seniors to stay safe in their homes in the parking lot of the new Senior Center in the Park.

L-R: Ed Pinchiff from Council on Aging, Bill Reardon City Fire Marshal, Bob Grundstrom and Bill Blair from California Resources Corp., and J.D. Miles from Council on Aging


The tri-groups included members of the California Resources Corporation, the Huntington Beach Fire Department and the Huntington Beach Council on Aging.

L-R: Bob Grundstrom, J.D. Miles, Ed Pinchiff, Bill Reardon with the check that will purchase the smoke-carbon monoxide detectors


The California Resources Corp. donated $15,000 to the Huntington Beach Fire Department to purchase Fire Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors through the SHIP (Seniors Home Inspection Program) where volunteers conduct free home safety inspection at Huntington Beach senior's homes.

Martha Worth from the HB Fire Department


The Council on Aging will oversee the senior part of the program while the SHIP program will be managed by Martha Worth from the HB Fire Department.

Representing Calif. Resources were Bob Grundstrom and Bill Blair.

Representing the HB Fire Department/SHIP were Fire Marshal Bill Reardon and Martha Worth for SHIP.

Representing the Council on Aging were Ed Pinchiff and J.D. Miles.

Fire Marshal Bill Reardon told the audience that more fires hit seniors than any other group of people and that they are most at-risk from fires and carbon monoxide from unventilated sources.

Bob Grundstrom is a resident of the community and many of our employees are residents of the community and we are really proud to focus on safety and the core values through this program.

What the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors look like


It was mentioned that most detector batteries need to be replaced once or twice a year, these detectors have a 10 year battery.

Bill Blair from California Resources Corp. shows the tri-groups supporting the program


To be eligible for the detector you must be a resident of Huntington Beach, 60 years old or more to qualify for this program and have a free safety home inspection.

To sign up go to the City's website for the home safety inspection or call 714-374-1615 for more information.

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