Unity: The Path Forward for Americans

by: Alexis Wilkins
Published: March 29, 2023


Someone has to say it: they do some things better than we do. The left has long had the weaker argument and the losing team. However, they have mastered a vital area that conservatives have not - unity.

They are steadfast in their message, they do not attack their own, and they all fall in line to accomplish the goal. They spend money on “winning” instead of making it all look nice on the outside. From the current news cycle favorite, the speculative Don vs. Ron showdown, to the Deep State bleeding into the party, the right is clearly splintering from within at a record pace at likely the worst possible time in history to do so, with each faction spending on items that do not necessarily affect an outcome.

Conservative organizations tend to put an emphasis on spending on things such as events and conventions rather than an emphasis on action. This spending is completely fine, and necessary, so long as we are also spending assets on creating actionable paths forward for the America-first outcomes.

In the last year, I have seen many right-leaning podcasts, personalities, and alternative media companies trying to influence culture by creating companies to support conservative creatives, and those are all wonderful concepts. Culture is the lifeblood of movements, and do not hear what I am not saying: we need these outlets, but the hamartia of conservatism in these dire times seems to be the glorification of self within the landscape. As proponents of capitalism, we are missing the forest for the trees and all going on our own. The key is going to be starting these organizations and then getting together to make real progress.

Conditioned to fight, voting Americans are not seeing the intentional conflict built into even the suggestion of the next election’s Republican showdown clearly funded by Deep State actors, providing America with a popcorn-munching distraction from the goal. Transparently, I believe we need four more years of uniting behind Trump’s America before we can even think about another option. In his recent CPAC speech, President Trump said, “Either they win, or we win. And if they win, we no longer have a country." 

The winning concept in this country has always been (and always will be) when we all move at once. The American Revolution, the very inception of this country, only happened because we all moved together. 

The hard truth is that the left spends its money smarter than we do. They spend it on influencer reach to attract the youth, ballot harvesting, and funding active interest groups. While the left and their methods are not always ethical, they are effective. They have completely padded a generation with soft propaganda and have changed the way they think, creating an unofficial militia for their causes.

Although mobilizing the unassuming masses under propaganda is a second-stage authoritarianism procedure, the right could take a moral approach to this by funding and organizing legal ballot-harvesting campaigns for the 2024 election. Create a team to write a comprehensive guide on what legal ballot harvesting looks like and how to create crews of people to carry it out. Let us fund influencer campaigns targeted to pull the youth in the middle over to the right. Let us take the college campus groups and switch the focus from promoting conservatism in only college to mobilizing freely accessible groups of kids to move into the community and flood the next generation of administrative and government positions with conservative values and state candidates who are not beholden to special interest groups.

America needs a path forward. Everything needs to be geared towards “forward movement.” We cannot continue to point out problems without providing solutions. We do not have the luxury of spending money to spend money, we do not have the time to waste not to be actively influencing the upcoming generation. Loyalty is not to any individual, but to the mission. This is the new 1776, except the consequence is not just an emerging frontier and taxes, the consequence is losing the last free place on Earth.

It is about time we all started acting like it, together, as one new revolution. I am not suggesting we fight dirty – but I am suggesting we fight.


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