CNN’s White-Whale Russia Obsession

by: Brent Bozell and Tim Graham
Published: July 19, 2017

The media’s sudden explosion over a meeting last summer at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and an alleged “Kremlin-backed lawyer” (she wasn’t Kremlin-backed) has spawned a whole new feeding frenzy. Every miniscoop gets inflated into the latest contender in the urgent liberal question: “What will finally get trump impeached?”

The liberal-media obsession was palpable, even when you pull your cell phone out. On the night of July 11, the CNN mobile app was all ablaze with the junior jeremiads. One after another, the headlines were panicky and tabloid-ish. They read:

–“Trump’s Web of Russian Ties Grows With Miss Universe Links” 

–“The 6 Most Troubling Parts of Don Jr’s Emails Exchange With Rob Goldstone” 

–“Kaine: Trump Jr. May Have Committed Treason.” 

–“Donald Trump Jr.s Emails Undermine What the White House Has Been Saying” 

–“Trump Jr.’s Latest Email Explanation to Sean Hannity Doesn’t Make Any Sense”

–“How Much Legal Trouble Is Donald Trump Jr. in?” 

–“Trump Jr. Releases Bombshell Email Chain”   

In the midst of this stream, down in the fifth spot was breaking news with the headline “Special Ops Forces Among 16 Dead in Marine Corps Plane Crash.” Way down in the eighth spot was the headline “Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Is More Severe Than We Thought.” But alleged mass extinctions are boring next to Russia. The next headline was “Tapper to Trump Jr.: Why So Many Lies?”


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