It’s Open Season on Normal People

by: Derek Hunter
Published: June 19, 2024


Remember when Democrats insisted it was “open season on young black men” after Michael Brown was killed while attacking a cop? They’ve stuck with that lie in spite of the fact that even the Washington Post’s own Pulitzer Prize winning database of police encounters showed it was nowhere near true. Facts never help Democrats, which is why they rarely let them stand in the way of a good story. The facts, on the other hand, have indicated that it is open season on another group: normal people.

If you live in a Democrat-controlled city and are physically attacked on the street, don’t expect the law to help you. Charges that could be brought won’t be, and any charges that are brought will be downgraded or dropped once enough time has passed that people forget. 

You, the victim, are an inconvenience, and inconveniences are quickly made to go away.

Here is a story out of Washington, DC, where a woman named Kayla Kenisha Brown kidnapped and killed a woman during a carjacking and…the murder and kidnapping charges were dropped by a “progressive” prosecutor. 

NBC Washington reports, “Leslie Marie Gaines’ daughter left her mother in a Mazda SUV at MedStar Washington Hospital Center for a moment Monday afternoon to get her a wheelchair, police said. At the time, Brown was with her family at the … when she walked away from them, police said. Brown allegedly got into the driver’s seat and took off with the 55-year-old Gaines still inside.  Nineteen minutes later, Brown tried to turn left onto D Street but ‘failed to negotiate the turn’ and crashed into the … The building is the offices of the U.S. attorney and attorney general for D.C.”

The woman would otherwise be alive were it not for the kidnapping and grand theft auto. But the story opens, “Murder and kidnapping charges against a woman accused of carjacking and then crashing a car with a passenger inside were dropped, in part because the medical examiner has not ruled on the manner of the passenger’s death, prosecutors said.”

Yep, charges have been dropped. They say it’s because of the medical examiner, but do you really need that person to weigh in on the obvious? Would people be confused about what that giant ball of fire in the eastern morning sky was were it not known that that’s where it rises every day? I doubt it.

Now we go across the country for a different “crime.” It was a horrible, violent, “throw the book at them” crime that has shaken the nation. To what horrible event do I refer? Someone skidded on a rainbow flag painted on a crosswalk. Yep, that’s it. 

KREM in Spokane reports, “On Wednesday, SPD said they received a 911 call reporting multiple people on scooters causing damage to the mural. According to court documents obtained by KREM 2, many witnesses sitting at the bar at O'Doherty's Irish Grille saw around four people on Lime Scooters riding over the Pride flag mural.”

As a reminder, it’s painted on the actual street cars drive on, and you won’t find any paint on any road without tire marks on it. Also, the rainbow flag is not special. If your identity, happiness or mental stability is tied to a series of colors being displayed in a pristine manner, might I suggest that you are not mentally stable and should seek professional help.

All the recourses of the SPD were unleashed on the crime scene, and two teenagers were arrested 34 minutes after the 911 call. They “were arrested for first-degree malicious mischief.” 

Washington state law makes it “a felony to deface a public symbol of Pride in Washington state.” That means teenagers riding scooters on the road and skidding, as kids do, will now face more serious charges than a woman who killed someone in a carjacking. 

This is OK with Democrats, as they elected all the people involved in the decision-making process in each case. 

The DC case is not unique, as serious, violent crimes against Americans are watered down or dismissed by Democrat prosecutors across the country for everyone except Donald Trump, who didn’t even commit a crime. Meanwhile, when a “preferred” group of people are even offended, the book, the printing press and the whole damn library will be thrown at normal people doing normal things.

By the way, the “mural,” which is not a mural but a painted crosswalk, was “defaced” before when someone dumped a liquid on it and set it on fire. I wonder how these law “enforcement” officials would respond if someone burned an American flag on the crosswalk? Talk about conflicted. 

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