Treason… There, Somebody Said It.

by: Kevin McCullough
Published: September 22, 2021


The actions of the current administration consistently undermine the welfare of the American people, they are endangering American welfare, and they have snuffed out American lives.

There is no other word for it.

This administration has committed treason. Multiple fronts in multiple ways, multiple times.

For the last number of months my good friend Shelley has been on my case (in a friendly sort of way.) She has argued that someone needed to label the actions of the current administration with the strongest term in our legal and linguistic tradition: treason.

Given the reality that the left often effectively labels things with terms that sometimes end up changing the entire nature of a debate her concern came from a place with two objectives: that the American people have a deeper understanding of the facts, and that they be given the truth about the severity of the situation.

Being a columnist who ultimately seeks to impact how people think, I’ve been cautious to embrace the strategy. In a rhetorical sense I’ve patted her on the head and promised to consider. 

I owe my friend Shelley an apology.

At almost every turn this administration seeks to undermine the health, life and welfare of every American. They do so through both what they choose to take actions on, and what they choose not to deal with. The outcome of what they are working towards is adding up to a nation that looks like anything but America.

So what do you call it, when the goal is to harm the rights of the average American, defy the principles of our national laws and systems of justice, and implement policy or executive orders that erase our national identity, national priorities, and national security?

What is the term that adequately explains why the administration just this last week revoked life saving monoclonal antibodies from states who need the life saving therapy the most?

How do you accurately describe the failure to prevent the deaths of 13 of our bravest in uniform, while simultaneously telling the American people that our enemy is a trusted partner? Then in addition, the same administration wags the dog by killing a trusted ally and friend to our efforts in Afghanistan and 18 of his relatives including ten small children, but labeling it a kill against ISIS-K?

Where do you go to find the word to define the idea that you stop construction of a border barrier to our south, but reinstall Gestapo wire around the people’s house at the United States Capitol?

When did “We The People” give permission to said public servants to mandate bankruptcy of local businesses because the owner refuses to mandate personal medical decisions for his/her employees?

Why are we masking two year olds on public airlines but are ok with non-citizens coming to our shores as refugees on our own military aircraft while infected with CoVid19, measles, and diseases we’ve long since conquered?

Who decided that allowing now tens of thousands of non-citizens to gather and encamp on our border under the Del Rio bridge in Texas and then tell that state “tough luck” when their own resources are overwhelmed to deal with both the humanitarian and more importantly the national security threats that exist there?

Why are generals—at the President’s discretion—more concerned with insisting that mentally confused and sexually mislabeled persons within the ranks should become a greater priority than fighting and winning wars? And if it turns out to be true, when did it become ok for a general to alert our enemies as to our national security priorities before those priorities are capable of achieving the success needed to protect Americans?

The answer to these and dozens more questions has been to literally turn the President’s back to those asking and walk away—resolutely ignoring the need of Americans for answers.

The same administration wants the IRS to give them carte blanche on permissions to trace every transaction from your bank account and track every place you go with “travel passports.”

If treason is defined as working for the interests of our enemies like Iran, the Taliban, and China—over the welfare of the American people—then yes Shelley—treason it is.

Unmitigated power grabs…

Indescribable disaster on our border…

Historical abandonment of citizens behind enemy lines…

And an insistence that the American people have to put up with it if we even harbor a question about it…

It looks like it, smells like it, feels like it.

Our current administration is committing treason.

Calling it anything else is just pussyfooting around the reality of what the administration is doing.

The question… should we be brave enough to take it on… is “what now should we do?”


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