Hollywood Hypocrites (And Not About The Masks)

by: Derek Hunter
Published: September 22, 2021


There aren’t many TV shows I watch anymore, at least not with any regularity. My DVR schedule is largely Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and PJ Masks for the kids, with only occasional movies (Rear Window is on heavy rotation on one of the channels this month) and the few shows I still enjoy with any regularity. Judging by the Emmy nominations, and the fading ratings across all of television, a lot of other people can no longer stomach the garbage Hollywood is producing. Good.

Personally, I couldn’t care less how someone lives their life. I’m not Pope, nor do I aspire to be. And I’m certainly not perfect. I do judge others in my head (and so does everyone else, you’re not fooling anyone) but I honestly don’t give a damn what someone else does as long as what they do is legal and who they do it with is of age and willing. I’m know I’m not going to convince anyone else away from their choices any more than they’ll convince me away from mine, and that’s fine. But the Emmys on Sunday made clear what we all already knew – the political left does not share a “live and let live” attitude. Even further, they don’t share the attitude they are demanding everyone else have.

The undisputed best show on television isn’t on television at all, it’s streaming. “Ted Lasso” is great, it’s my favorite thing to watch each weekend and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a laugh that is (mostly) agnostic on politics (season 2 has some, but not much, and was probably required by unwritten Hollywood law for anything popular). 

Another popular show, though I can’t vouch for how good it is because I haven’t watched it, is “The Crown.” The people who love that show really, really love it. 

Both Lasso and Crown won a lot of Emmys because of that popularity and quality, which is what the Emmy Award is supposed to be for. For example, in acting in a comedy, Lasso won in all 3 acting categories it was nominated, and The Crown won in all 4 categories for drama, a clean sweep.

The best won, everyone should be happy, right? That’s not how liberals work. They aren’t happy unless they’re making everyone else miserable. 

Variety looked at the night the way liberals look at everything – through skin color. It was a record for off-white nominees, but they didn’t win much. Could it have been merit or racism? These are all liberal Democrats who swear they are not the racists we know them to be. Their article, entitled, “#EmmysSoWhite: No Actors of Color Win Despite Record Nominee Lineup,” complained about the winner’s skin color because that’s who liberals are.

It reads, in part, “A record number of 49 non-Anglo creatives were recognized in the acting and reality competition categories. While many didn’t expect anyone to unseat Jason Sudeikis (‘Ted Lasso’), Jean Smart (‘Hacks’) and Gillian Anderson (‘The Crown’), pundits were expecting a couple of actors to break through, such as any of the actors from ‘Hamilton’ and Regé-Jean Page (‘Bridgerton’).”

Imagine thinking like that, let alone writing it for the world. Is there a difference between current “progressive” thinking and the old KKK? Not really. 

The article goes through the ethnicity of many of the nominees who aren’t white, lamenting they didn’t win (but not saying who should have won, or why they should have, just noting their skin color), including calling Anya Taylor-Joy “Latina,” in spite of the fact that she was born to 2 Brits in the US and only lived in Argentina until she was 6. When you’re obsessed with race and victimhood, you will make it where you can’t pretend to have found it.

The whole Variety article reads like a peek into the mind of a leftist, with a racial score card and a check list of every past winner’s parentage. It’s pretty sick, actually, but an important tool for understanding how the left works: you are your skin color/ethnicity/sexual orientation first and foremost, anything else a distant second. And if you should stray from what liberal orthodoxy says you should think, say, or believe, you will be disposed of.

Ultimately, the modern Democratic Party is what the old Democratic Party was – a group of elitists demanding conformity and obedience based on skin color. The methods and perpetrators may have changed, but the attitude and ideals behind them sure as hell haven’t.


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