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by Ron Irwin

Follow Your Dream


I recently had the enormous pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter  Harper Starling on “The Dr. Ron Show” on the Universal Broadcasting Network.   What a fun lady with a truly amazing history and I am confident a very bright future ahead.  Why am I so confident in Harper’s success?  Because in the course of our radio interview she revealed that she was very close to earning her PhD in Physical Therapy when she dropped that ball and began to fully pursue her passion, that being singing and song writing.  Now a common reaction to that revelation might well be: “Geez what an idiot, she was inches away from a very high paying career and she dumped it to write songs and sing them.  What a dope.” 

Oh no not in the slightest, because if it is your goal to achieve maximum health, wealth and happiness I submit that what she did was truly brilliant.  To achieve peak life success it is essential that you first discover and then unwaveringly follow your dream. Doing otherwise can be devastating.  I well remember my dear old dad. may he rest in peace.   At the time I was born way back in 1945 – yes there were people on planet earth in 1945 – my dad was a very happy drummer and band leader of “The Biggest Little Band in America.”  But his new bride and my mother quickly began to demand that he “get a real job” to which dad responded with the observation that playing drums and leading a band is a real job and one he dearly loved. 

Harper Starling

Unfortunately, dad eventually caved into to his wife’s demands and he quickly became severely miserable.  Oh sure he made more consistent money but at the expense of destroying his heart and soul.  Many years later after he divorced my mom he remarried a very nice lady and they moved to Las Vegas.  There dad reassembled his band and one night I had the enormous pleasure of watching dad beat his drums with the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face.  Finally he was once again following his dream and it greatly improved his overall quality of life. 

Already Harper has two songs running up the Billboard Charts and she recently booked performances in England.  It has taken lots of hard work but she is earning a decent living with a very bright future doing exactly what she truly loves.  Now will Harper Starling ever reach the level of fame and fortune of Beyonce’ or Lady Gaga?  I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter because she has already reached a level of significant success and she is thoroughly enjoying her life and that is the important key.  So how about you?


It is likely that you do not have a passion to sing or write music, but it is also likely that deep within you there is a passion that you either want to pursue or are in fact pursuing.  Listen to your heart but at the same time do use your brain.  A successful career in music is indeed possible for many; likewise in acting, but yes the challenges are many.  However, there are some pursuits best left alone.   A blind person has zero chance in the visual arts and a geezer like me has no chance becoming successful prize fighter.  That said a blind person can succeed in many things including music and even a geezer can pursue many dreams including but certainly not limited to writing and other activities where physicality is not of paramount importance. 

The one passion best to avoid, however, is the unrelenting pursuit of money.  That has proven all too often to be the cause of great personal damage including criminality and even suicide.  The happy reality is that when you commit yourself to a true passion, other than just money, the realization of that passion often brings with it an abundance of money not to mention deep personal satisfaction.  The perhaps not so obvious difference is that the pursuit of things such as artistic expression or scientific skills or business acumen bring good things to others and significant rewards to you.  But the blind pursuit of money is totally selfish and contributes nothing to the world around you.

So a salute to the amazing Harper Starling and all others who are also truly committed to their true deep passions and living a life of real happiness, potentially significant wealth and an overall better sense of real health mental and physical.  Now you should commit to a similar path of truly listening to your heart and head. Cheers and best wishes to all.