Two separate standards?


There is a video of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi having her hair done in a San Francisco hair salon.  Her hair dresser wore a mask while Nancy was without a mask. It appears that there are two sets of laws, one for politicians and one for the rest of us. Harley Rouda, will you use or have you ever used your legislative privilege to skirt the law? Have you and your wife received haircuts during our imprisonment? If you have and are found out, will you be contrite and apologize? We cannot go to work or eat in a restaurant. 

Democrat politicians are not punishing the rioters in Democrat controlled cities. Thus they are tolerating and acquiescing to the destruction of middle class shop owners. 

Do you support the use of National Guard troops to stop the riots? Do you support your constituents who wish to attend church or will you follow your party leaders who are violating our first amendment? Rioting seems to be OK for your Democrat legislatures but attending church is not allowed.  

Dr. George A. Kuck (Ph.D. Physics)
Westminster, CA


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