This election is a farce


I can't believe its been two weeks and they are still counting ballots for Orange County. This should show our state and the county that we need to return to paper ballots and neighborhood precincts.

It may have taken precinct workers two days to count paper ballots in the old days not over two weeks using todays new electronic, mail-in and dropboxes. For over two hundred years paper ballots have worked and served our counntry in a timely manner.

We have become a laughing joke to other states. This method of today's of excepting and counting ballots is unexceptable to the citizens of Orange County, California and the United States, unless you want to become like Russia or some third-world dictatorship country.

Right now how many people believe that we are getting a true and honest elections? Nobody, I've talked to neighbors in my neighborhood and nobody thinks its honest.

I demand, not ask, that all those electronic voting machines, dropboxes and mail-in ballots be junked, as we have seened in this election is a joke and lets go back to paper and real neighborhood precinct people.

If we have to go to show picture ID cards, then do it, afterall you have to show picture driver licenses at banks and other places and lets have no more talking about letting non-citizens vote.

As a citizen of Orange County, California and United States I want timely and honest elections again.

Sara Jane K. (ed. last name withheld for security)

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