High Cost of Litigation


In California, the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing, and one of the biggest factors is the state's litigation environment.

It is very easy to file a lawsuit in California, and jury verdicts are significantly larger than those in other states. As a result, many healthcare providers are forced to pay large settlements, which drives up the cost of care.

These lawsuits often have no merit, but they can still be very costly to defend against. This puts a financial strain on providers, which ultimately gets passed on to patients through higher costs. In fact, it is estimated that defensive medicine, which is the practice of ordering tests and procedures solely to minimize the risk of being sued, adds billions of dollars to the cost of healthcare each year.

Tort reform would help address this problem by making it more challenging to file frivolous lawsuits that unfairly hurt providers and patients.

As a result, healthcare providers would be able to save money, which would be passed on to patients in the form of lower costs. In addition, tort reform would help improve the quality of care by freeing up resources currently being used to defend against lawsuits.

For all these reasons, California must pass tort reform.

Dr. Nikan Khatibi

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