For the People Act


Dear editor,

To Representative Steel: I have called you and left a message in your Washington, D.C. office. I typically do not write to newspapers (maybe once when the Celtics beat the Lakers!). This is Patti and you are my congressional representative.

As your constituent, I ask you to support HR1, For the People Act. As a Californian I was surprised to learn that people from other states, like Georgians for example, do not all receive ballots in the mail like we did. Nor do they have a way to register and vote easily. I learned that there are ways other than intimidation that keep people from voting and it is not right.

Every American should be able to vote securely, easily and without fear. Some people have called this bill too much federal oversight but if Americans are impeded to choose their representation, shouldn't you all, as our representation, be able to remove impediments out of our way? Representative Steel, please vote YES on the For the People Act.

Thank you!! Sincerely,
Patti Akers

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