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A Day in the Life of Dennis Day

Campaigning for Assembly

April 16, 1949


Billed "America's Favorite Irish Tenor", Dennis Day born Owen Patrick McNulty was the second child to Irish immigrants in New York City. Dennis Day He attended Manhattan College and sang in the glee club. Dennis Day planned on attending law school and began moonlighting as a singer to make ends meet when he caught the attention of Jack Benny's wife Mary Livingstone.

In 1939, he got the chance of a lifetime to perform on the Jack Benny Show. He was introduces as the young and naïve soda-jerk at the Willoughby store Dennis Day and kept that character throughout his career. His catch phrase on the Jack Benny Show was "Gee, Mr. Benny!"

Dennis Day took a hiatus from show business to serve in the US Navy from 1944 until 1946. When he returned from military service, he continued to work on Jack Benny Show and also starred in his own show, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day. That show broadcast between 1946 and 1951. His problems revolved around his girlfriend, Mildred Anderson was first played by Sharon Douglas and later by Barbara Eiler. In 1954, he had another briefly lived show called The Dennis Day Show. One of the most popular tenors on the radio, Dennis Day worked with Jack Benny until 1974.  

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