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Meet Corliss Archer


The Beauty Contest

April 06, 1947


"COOOOORRRR-LAISS," yells Harry Archer, the perpetual hater of women and father figure to Corliss Archer. Meet Corliss Archer centers on the teenage life of Corliss Archer, a 15 year old answer to A Date with Judy. Judy Foster and Corliss Archer come from, practically, the same mold, in the sense that they are breathless and charming, prone to endless exasperation.

Corliss' life revolves around the men in her life, which are her father and Dexter Franklin, the boy next door, popularized by the venerable Sam Edwards. Dexter is your typical loyal, good-hearted teenager who has the most oblivious look on his face when faced with the simplest of problems; shrugs his problems off with the catchphrase that he made popular, "Holy Cow!" Harry Archer practices law, but his true mission is pursuit of his eternal war with the female race! Usually, Harry's unconfirmed lieutenant is the young Dexter Franklin. Even though Harry is a cynical and dry man, usually, his true heart shows through when he is called upon to be a father.

Come join Corliss, Dexter, and Harry in their crazy antics in their everlasting battle with the opposite sex!

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