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Hawk Larabee


Brazos John's Eastern Bride

August 2, 1946


Hawk Larabee
... "If you've got a touch of sage-brush in your view ... if you like the muted sounds of the wide-open spaces ... the thunder of horses ... & the smack of leather ... (& the crack of guns) ... then you'll want to listen Saturdays, for HAWK LARABEE!" ...

This western adventure, a later version of the brief old time radio show Hawk Durango, is set in 1840s Texas. Hawk, a lover-not-fighter kind cattleman who can stand on a 10 foot ladder with only one boot, tells "stories of the men and women, famous and infamous, who loved and hated, lived and died, in the colorful drama of the American West." Barton Yarborough, a true to life Texan who also starred in I Love a Mystery, intermittently plays both Hawk and his sidekick, Barney Phillips.

CBS Sustaining Hawk Larabee Series (1946-07-05 thru 1948-02-07)6:00 PM CBS Radio Network - KTUC 1400 on your Dial. Hawk's thrilling adventures are right out of the Old West. "Reach for yo' radio, pahdnuhh!"


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