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In the boy's bedroom the three Newland boys slept in a single bed, but as they got older, a small bunk house was built behind the water tower, where the 1984 barn stands today.

The Huntington Beach Historical Society at one time had a Country Store inside this room, but it has been turned back into the boy's bedroom.

There is a black and white picture of Clint Newland in a glider just below the clock on the shelf and in it shows Clinton Newland ready to take off on his flying machine. A neighbor boy and he built and glided on the Newland property in 1910.


The rocking chair and dresser in this room belonged to a Newland son and on this dresser is a real dollar bill that the Newland's could have spent (note how big it is). A Stevens 22-cal single shot rifle is in this room, leaning against the window, and the boys would have had one just like it.

And the next picture is the door that you entered the Newland House and this concludes the regular tour, but continue on with this web tour to see pictures of the Newland family on the next two pages.

For information on renting the Newland Barn for weddings, parties, etc., that is located in back of the Newland House Museum, please call Huntington Beach Community Services (714) 536-5486 for rates.




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