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The Newland House parlor was closed by sliding doors which kept this and the guestroom clean for visitors.

The decanter on the small table near the front door belonged to Mr. Newland and he would offer a little refreshment to visitors stopping at his door and among the visitors were Henry Huntington, who owned the Pacific Electric 'Red Car' line.

The grand piano belonged to the Newlands and the girls in the family all knew how to play this piano.

The 1924 Victrola is one like the Newland's had to listen to the new songs of the day. This phonograph had been bought brand new in 1924 by Rose Peterson at the Southern California Music Company in Los Angeles and now entertains visitors to the Newland House. The comic records of Uncle Josh (Cal Stewart) and the famous opera singers of the day were a special favorite of the family.

A custom of the family was that friends and neighbors always came to the back door to visit the Newlands and only peddlers and strangers came to the front door, a plaque is mounted by the front door. So that is the reason that our tours always start at the back door. The Newland House Museum wants everyone to be their friend.




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