Huntington Beach Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Brokers

This is in no way a complete list of Real Estate Agents, Realtors or Brokers in Huntington Beach, but a way to get to know some them a little better before you buy or sell your property.

Below are just some of our local Real Estate Agents with additional names and profiles added each week.


Bowman, Chris 714-458-5653

Bowman, Pam 714-609-1163

Coleman, Cheryl 714-717-1728

Etem, Darren 714-717-7409

Etem, Pam 714-717-6408

Folgheraiter, Mike 714-357-6136

Garcia, Stephen 714-310-3607

Gurzi, Tracy 714-343-7104

Hall, Sharon 714-319-5396

Handy, Jennifer 714-916-1666

Karos, Lisa 714-335-4546

Loucks, Lori 714-307-3826

Loyd, Patrick 949-689-4852

McCarty, Judy 714-325-4979

Murphy, Danny 949-413-6967

Nuzzo, Erin 714-396-7486

Parker, Marina 714-434-9977

Rector, Dianne 714-293-0781

Roehrick, Jeff 714-222-2100

St. Pierre, Stephanie 714-404-6411

Stucker, Andreea 949-422-1336

Tanner, Sandee 949-922-6135

Weston, Garrett 714-425-6904

Xanthakis, Maria 714-785-8914